Master P and his son, Romeo, recently inked a deal with Wal-Mart to distribute and sale their clothing line. The brand called “The Great American Brand” will be affordable clothing catered to the young adults who wish to rock nice clothes with minimum funds.
The Great American Brand will be sold at Wal-Mart stores nationwide. Unlike other urban labels like Sean John and Rocawear whose items sale for $75 to $200, Master P’s line will sell t-shirts for $9 and jeans for $20.

“I figured out a way to make clothes affordable for inner-city families,” said Master P. “We use the same factories and the same materials as Sean John, Rocawear, and Ed Hardy. These are quality clothes you’d normally find at a department store like Macy’s. Now you can pick up the same high-end fashion at an affordable price.”

“Kids don’t need to worry anymore about being bullied at school for wearing old clothes,” continued Master P. “Likewise, parents don’t need to choose between filling up the gas tank or filling up the closet. We’re helping families dress fresh for less.”

This line will be the first urban hip-hop clothing line sold by Wal-Mart. (Source)

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