O.J. Simpson and Thomas Riccio during better times.

MSNBC reports that the man behind the O.J. memorabilia fiasco, received $210, 000 from media outlets.

Thomas Riccio revealed in court that media outlets paid him a total of $210,000 for his recordings prior to him turning them over to the Las Vegas police. The taped recordings are said to include information regarding the armed robbery that took place.

Yale Galanter, O.J. Simpson’s lawyer, cross-examined Mr. Riccio in an effort to lay out Simpson’s defense that O.J. did not intend to profit when he and several men confronted the dealers over the memorabilia. Instead, Simpson just wanted to retrieve his stolen mementos.

Riccio did admit that he didn’t think O.J. was there to cause harm, but instead just wanted his heirlooms back to give to his kids.

It also came out in court that Riccio accepted, in detail, $150,000 by TMZ, $25,000 by “Entertainment Tonight,” $20,000 by Howard Stern’s show and $15,000 by ABC under the decoy of buying a photo of Riccio and Simpson.

Riccio is also said to have written a book about the ordeal. The amount of his book deal has not been disclosed. (Pic Source)

The Simpson trial began this month. Simpson faces 12 charges, including felony, kidnapping, armed robbery, and conspiracy.