By Bels

One of my college alumni friends hooked me up with some free tickets to the Old School Hip Hop concert last Friday in Birmingham, AL. Although, I asked for backstage passes so I could cop a few interviews with the celebs, I ended up with only free tickets to get in the concert. I guess I can’t be picky with the hook-ups. So at first I thought, wow what a waste of time! But Biz Markie, Whodini, and MC Lyte slowly helped turn my frown upside down. 🙂

The show turned out to be pretty good. Even though the historical Boutwell Auditorium was not filled to capacity, the fans young and old were still crunk and enjoying every minute of the show.

I will tell you one thing…the old school mc’s still got it going on. And the one person that surprised the heck out of me was Big Daddy Kane. Check out this snippet of his performance!

You young rappers can learn a thing or two from this guy! Big Daddy Kane is in his late 40’s and can still dance, hit splits, and rhyme like he’s in a cypher with Jay-Z and Lil Wayne. Kudos goes out to the Smooth Operator!

*Thanks D-Nice for the tickets!