‘Everybody Hates Chris’ star Terry Crews is headed to BET to star in his own reality show, ‘The Family Crews’ along with his wife Rebecca, five kids (Naomi,22/Azriel,18 Terra,10/ Wynfrey,6/ Isaiah,3) and the family’s dog, Coffee.

Viewers will get the chance to watch the former professional football player turned actor and his family as they “grow, love, laugh and pray” their way through a new season in life as both Terry and Rebecca pursue their entertainment dreams.


Terry Crews…is “Ready for This.” Huge opportunities continue to manifest for Terry after years of working hard in Hollywood. He attributes this to the faith and prayers of himself, and his beautiful wife, Rebecca.

Rebecca Crews…”It’s Her Time to Shine.” She’s the staunch backbone of the family, raising five children, as well as supporting her husband’s career and its successes for 20 years. She realizes that now is the best time to focus on pursuing her own singing, acting, producing and writing.

Naomi Burton…”On My Own.” The 22 year-old rebellious beauty embraces her new found adulthood and desires to be her own woman, striving to carve a name for herself, separate and apart from her family.

Azriel Crews…”The Actrisse.” Eighteen year-old Azriel is eager to follow in her dad’s footsteps and pursue acting. She believes that it’s her time to break out and shine as she works diligently towards coming into her own as a young, talented actress.

Terra Crews…”Daddy’s Girl.” A self-proclaimed “Daddy’s Little Girl,” 10 year-old Terra finds her way in among four siblings while shaping her individuality apart from Daddy.

Wynfrey Crews…”Oprah’s Namesake and Reincarnate.” Six year-old Wynfrey makes sure that she’s always the center of the family’s attention and makes it abundantly clear that she can easily adjust to her family’s rise in popularity.

Isaiah Crews…”The Prince of the Family.” Three year-old Isaiah is the center of everyone’s heart, and is the “Little Prince” of his family. His strong and energetic personality will undoubtedly capture viewers’ hearts.

‘The Family Crews’ debuts on February 21 @ 9 PM (ET).