As the weekend approaches, the second installment of one of my favorite movies will finally reach theatres nationwide. But I contemplate on whether I will go to my local theater to see Hangover 2 for one simple reason…it costs too much! Over the past few years, I’ve notice the ticket prices increased and also the concessions. You can’t even go to the movies and expect to spend less than $30. Just imagine if a mother, father, son and daughter take a trip to the movies. It will cost them over $100 just to have a family night out. So what caused the inflation in prices?? Could it be the decline of box-office sales? Could it be the recession?  Well, what ever it is, it has sure put a damper on my date nights. 🙂

But thank goodness for Redbox! Whoever came up with this concept of a dvd vending machine was a genius. Not only can I purchase “current” dvds for a low price, but I can watch that movie a million times before returing it back to the box. As far as concessions, microwavable propcorn and a soda cost no more than $5 in Publix.  Another alternative on those lazy days, is Netflix. Now I’m able to watch movies via the internet or through a USB connector from the laptop to the tv. I don’t even have to leave the house.

Excuse my venting session…I’m sure I am not the only one who is pissed off about the prices. Hangover 2 may be my last movie-going experience…unless my date is paying. LoL