Recently, it has been reported that Master P has been ordered to pay child support to his ex-wife Sonya C. This should come as no surprise because child support cases are common in break-ups. However, when it came out that Percy Miller was only going to pay less than $300 (actually $271) a month for 4 different children, the ex-wife cried foul. At this moment, Master P found a way to beat the system.
     Before anybody thinks that I am “pro-child support” I am not going to say that I am. However, I am “pro-taking care of your kids”. In this case, there are a few questions that need to be answered:

a.) How did Master P manage to avoid getting ALL his financials looked at?
It matters not how much “monthly” income he is getting when he is a former hip hop mogul. In Master P’s heyday, his label (No Limit) sold millions of albums through Priority Records. Also, he controlled all of his master recordings and received 85% of the profits while Priority received 15% for the sake of pressing and distribution (unheard of numbers in hip hop). With multiple obvious investments to protect his earnings, it is very little wonder why his ex-wife is looking for financial statements.

b.) Is he actually taking care of his kids?
I am not trying to raise any doubts about his ability to be a father. But, there is the question of whether or not his kids are being taken care of. Or, is this just a way for Sonya C. to make sure that she doesn’t have to wait for necessities to make sure the kids are okay. Master P may be handling financial situations behind the court scene. No one truly knows unless this case develops and everything is put on the table.

c.) How is he actually living?
People will probably think that justice has NOT been served in this situation. It was said that he was only pulling in a thousand or two dollars a month for income ($1,387). Practically, those are wages closer to poverty. If anything, it would make people wonder whether or not Master P made a mockery of the system or blew his money off of living too lavishly and spreading himself too thin. From Sonya C.’s perspective, it is probably the former. This is why she wants to see financial statements.

d.) Is this business or personal?

With divorces, there are always issues when it comes to feelings of betrayal and hurt. It makes one wonder whether or not Master P is doing this due to hurt feelings or just being the businessman he has always been. One of the main reasons why No Limit fell out of prominence was due to his artists’ feelings of not being properly financially compensated. Master P is known for getting and keeping his money.

     This child support case brought up many questions because of how many blanks where left. There is no transparency with how much money Master P is actually making. Also, it seemed to make people question whether this was a business decision or a personal undertaking for him. Still, his wife has EVERY reason to want to see more financial paperwork. In the end, justice should know that a woman can’t do much with a couple of hundred dollars for 4 young children.

Written by Mark A. Harris, contributing writer for STACKS Magazine

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