The Carter’s never cease to amaze me.  So this little news tid-bit shouldn’t be of no surprise to any of you.

The heartfelt song release by the proud popppa called “Glory”, just a few days after the birth of baby Blue Ivy Carter, landed the 74th spot on Billboard’s Top 100 R&B/Hip Hop songs.  The song, which notes B.I.C as a “feature”, is stamped at the end of the record with the sweet cries of the newborn.  The action marks baby Blue as the youngest person to ever be listed on the Billboard charts.

Awww…that’s dope!

Check out “Glory” below:


Interesting Fact:  According to the NYPost, Blue Ivy Carter might have been the first to offically make the charts, but she wasn’t the first baby to be featured on a record.  Stevie Wonder actually recorded his daughter, Aisha Morris, in 1976 on his hit “Isn’t She Lovely”.  But unfortuately, Stevie didn’t add Aisha’s name to the credits.


Photo Credit: People