We all knew Steve Jobs to be extraordinarily intelligent.  We know of his talents, accolades, accomplishments, successes…we know that he was a great business model.  Have you ever thought about the “black version” of a Steve Jobs?  Who would be able to hold a candle to Jobs’ accomplishments?  Who possess the acumen and could wow us like Steve did?  Well, Black Enterprise thought about it and created a list of who they think can stand up to the challenge.  There were a few surprises on the list.  Names like Dr. Dre, Kanye West and Steve Stout were in among Baratunde Thurston (comedian, director of digital for The Onion and author of How to Be Black), Ory Okolloh (Policy Manager, Africa for Google and co-founder of Mzalendo.com and Ushahidi.com) and Joel Williams, Jr. (founder of CoTrac Company).


So, where do you stand?  Are you in the running to become the next Steve Jobs?


See the full list here.