Want to get in at the beginning of what may soon become as big as Avon or Mary Kay?  Well, here is an opportunity to join Team Kandi, promote her products, and make big bucks.


Kandi Burruss’s “Bedroom Kandi” sex toy line of products will soon expand into the boutique party area.  BK are searching for dynamic individuals who will act as consultants that will host Bedroom Kandi Boutique Parties.  Consultants throughout the U.S. will sell toys and other items such lingerie, massage oils, and bath/body oils. 


BK is currently looking to choose their core team of consultants.   If you’d like to be considered for this opportunity, send in your resume, a cover letter expressing why you would be a great fit, and a photograph to:


Bedroom Kandi

45 Lafayette Road #332

North Hampton, N.H. 03862



Good luck!

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  2. Tameka "Madam Thick" Patman

    Hello. Im very interested in being a consultant. Im born and raised in the “A”. I knw alot of woman that needs your items.

  3. Pamela Willis

    Hi! I am very interested in becoming a consultant. I know a lot of women and couples that will enjoy your products.

    • admin

      Hi Kiki, please refer to Kandi’s BedroomKandi website. We’re sure there’s more information on how to reserve a consultant there. Thanks

  4. Kisha

    Hello!! I am very interested in being a BK consultant! I love pleasure parties and also love to host them! So much fun!! I am from North Carolina and i would love to help promote her products!!

  5. Carvalyn McClellan

    I am interested in becoming a consultant for Bedroom Kandi Sex Toys. Please send me more information.

  6. Teresa Brooks

    I an interested in becoming a consultant for Bedroon Kandi Sex Toys. Please send me more information.

  7. Mareisa Severson

    I recently retired, therefore I have the time to host parties. I already placed my own items.

  8. Nicole Carson

    I’m excited about BK!I believe my social network and desire to achieve will make me a premiere consultant in the Maryland and New York market.

  9. Paulette R. Williams

    Hi, I’m so happy too see your market is looking for consultants,i am her. I’m a 50 year old young woman, ready for action. I’ve been talking of doing something like this for y e a rs. I see enjoyment in you when you talks about your produces. I have that in me. I would love to be apart of your team,Please get back with me. THANK YOU

  10. Nicole Crowell

    Hello, I am a 34 year old woman in Florida, I am seeking out new employment and change of pace. I would love to become a BK consultant!! What is the best way to get started? Thank you!!

  11. China

    My name is China Im 28 years old and Im looking for a change of pace and I think this would suit me very well I know a lot of girls who would be interested I reside in Boston a city that is not ashamed of anything!!!

  12. Debrah

    I am definitely someone that BK would be proud I came aboard…I’m a make it happen and get it done type person.

  13. TARA


  14. Francesca

    Hi I was wondering if Bedroom Kandi hires toy testers? I would love to test the toys and write reviews about them.

  15. Cheryl Roy

    Hi Kandi,I would love to a part of your Bedroom Kandi team.I feel that with the proper guidance from you we could sew up Texas.I’m 44 and still look good,but have been jobless a few years now.Oh,not to mention a freak without a man….LOL I will upload my resume.

  16. Tiffany W

    I was watching The Doctors Show today and I want to be a bedroom kandi tester! I want to increase my sex life as well I have a fiancee and him and I are not intament as we where 4 years ago. I think it would be fun as well!

  17. Scarlet Beard

    Hello Kandi, I’m 65 years old and retired. In my younger years were a lingerie consultant in the 1960’s, which was a blast! At present a Mobile Owner of an Repicci’s Italian Ice Franchise for 5 yrs. in Fontana, California.

    As a Consultant for Bedroom Kandi would represent the product in a professional manner. Such a need, many adults are lacking bedroom/communication. Sexuality apart of life be it toys and etc. promotes healthy mental and physical being.

    Do not have a Gravatar, will mail a picture with hard copy resume.

  18. Brenda Truedell

    Hi Kandi, my name is Brenda Truedell from Lakeland, Florida. I am hoping that there is room for me to join your dynamic team. I am very out going better known as a GO-GETTER!!! One of the last conversations my Dad and I had before he died was him complimenting me on my never give up personality. He said to me, ” Brenda, you have a real pick up about yourself.” Those words have carried me through many rough places in my life.

  19. Miriam Davis

    My name is Miriam and I am interested in expanding my experience and networking. I am currently taking classes for my Masters in Public Communication. I love attending toy parties and purchasing these items as well. Learning to live a little is what its all about. I feel I would be great and periodically host Girls Night Out with friends. They will love this just as many others.

  20. Tauna Watt

    Hi Im not sure if I can still get involved with being a consultant but, would really like to get involved! I have a handicap son that has CP w/seizures that is severely handicap! I would love to make a extra income for us I have 2 sons total after a 17 yr marriage an he abandoned us an I have to have help please if anybody knows of a way to make a income from home I have the drive an would love to help out an b a team player or I can play by myslef! Hehaheha….. perfect for your BK Mz.Kandi! Please get in touch with me! Purty please I have watched your show since you have put the spark back in the RHWOA! Thaks Mz.Kandi! I am sorry that I havenet gotten back in touch with you but, alot of 8888 has happened since your line has BOOMED like a HOttie fire cracker you are!

    Tauna Watt

  21. Alysia Johson

    I live in Denver,Co and everyone says I have the gift of gab I would love to take an opportunity to join the team. I just want to branch out and do something different in my life I been in the health care field for over 20 years now that I am in my earlier fortys I want to do something out of the box. By the way you my favorite on Atlanta’s House Wives.

  22. Alysia Johson

    I live in Denver,Co and everyone says I have the gift of gab I would love to take an opportunity to join the team. I just want to branch out and do something different in my life I been in the health care field for over 20 years now that I am in my earlier forties I want to do something out of the box.

  23. Erica Gunnison

    Single mother would love the chance to make money this would be an extra job

  24. chandralongstreet

    I am very interested in becoming a consultant for BK. I have been in retail sales for over 20 tears, I lost my job last year, and i have really been depressed over it, lost a lot if my self esteem, cause i was making a lot of money, these products that kandi is selling. A lot of women needs, I am almost 50, and married, and sometimes my husband is not available. I also feeli have a lot to offer woman as far as making them feel like they can go to there private place and pleasure themselves. Please call me, for this position, i can bring a lot to the table

  25. Catherine Davis

    I’m So Interested In Becoming A Consultant! I Live In The Bflo Area There Is No One In This Region Or The City Of Bflo Selling Your Product! I Would Love To Be The First! I Believe We Can Make Money Together! I Jst Want This Chance! Hope To Here From You Soon! Have A Blessed Day! Bflo NY

  26. Lissette

    I would like to become a consultant. I have been doing toys parties for two years now with Pure Romance. I am sure that no one in my area is selling Kandi product. Please send me information

  27. Tracy Heath

    Hi!! Im tracy I drive buses for a living im interested in making extra bucks for myself I have one daughter she’s 16.and I think I would be good at selling bedroom kandi I have alot of friends that talk about bedroom kandi.i would love to try it.

  28. betty coleman

    I would love to become a consultant, I have the drive and the willingness to learn. Is there a fee associated with it.

  29. Quanecia Ford

    I have been a fan for a long time and I would love to be apart of expanding her business.

  30. Roxanne Barnes

    I a interested in becoming a BK consultant. I live in southern Maryland and would love to take over the market here. I have a small business selling my own homemade products as well as jewelry. I throw my own parties and have loyal customers. Hope to hear from you very soon.

  31. Sandria Inman

    I am a very know person in my side of town. Know alot for my parents and over the top friends.i think I could throw a excellent secrets party… And ladies would love that great items you have and make us alot of money… I would love to be a represent of a strong black business.!!!!

  32. Karen chance

    Hi…im a single mom of 3 wonderful boys …no longer working one of my son’s is disable..along with my mom..so giving up a career to take care of my family was the next step….with a tiny income coming in..I love you,You are a strong beautiful woman….i.would be honored to be a consultant being at home daily doing nothing.I am strong.full of ambition..working with people is my desire….nj can definitely needs some kandi…

  33. cynthia ellison

    My name is cynthia ellison and I am interested In selling ur products.i have a home in massacusettes and in upstate ny.i have owned a few of my own business.I am working through my home right now as a cosmotologist and a boxing manager.I would put those aside to help u suceed.I have plenty of room in my home to have parties and plenty of time to push ur products.If u would like my help please contact me at ur convenience. 315-449-9146.i will be sending my resume to u shortly.

  34. Nicole

    Hello, Thank you for your response. I would like to follow up with those who expressed interest in becoming a rep with Bedroom Kandi.

    Please visit http://Www.bkparties.com/64 and select join my team and email. I would like to email you information packet about the business and set up a time to chat.


  35. Cyndi

    If you have expressed an interest in this company and have not heard back from another BK Boutique Consultant, contact me for details about joining the business. My email is bkbpbycyndi@gmail.com. I’m looking forward to hearing from you all.

  36. Nikki

    If it’s not too late, I would like to be a part if the team not only do I love this Line but I am an American whom lives in Japan due to my spouse being the military. Bedroom Kandinsky would do extremely well here because American either do where to locally get product like these or have to order on line. I would love to be the first to expand others herizons.

  37. ciara

    I am 28year energetic sales person and eager to make plenty of extra.cash I have been blessed with a great personality and the gift of talking to people.I feel like your products.well be a great addition to Miami’s fun and spunky night time pleasures.im very excited to becoming a part of your team .u are a excellent business savvy person.I would love to work for u.