Last week, at a small yet intimate place called the Koo Koo Room, media/press were invited to meet former member of Xscape, LaTocha Scott.  The meet-n-greet is one of several promotional tools LaTocha’s team will use to help re-boost her once budding singing career.  To many, LaTocha is known as the former lead singer of the group Xscape.  Her vocal abilities are powerful and deep rooted in soul and gospel.  This voice is something fans all over have been waiting on.  So what has she been doing all this time?  She’s recorded a few songs throughout the years which garnered some decent airplay.  But for artists from the 90’s, it’s the season of the “comeback“. And it is apparent that LaTocha is set to do just that…reclaim her spot in R&B.


So as fans of the group Xscape, the STACKS Magazine team was elated to meet LaTocha and find out why she’s been away from the spotlight so long and the happenings with her new music.




What have you been doing lately?

I’ve been doing a lot. I’ve been writing and mentoring women. I started my foundation called Golden Girl. Writing music for my mixtape and my album right after.  So, I’ve been doing a lot…working behind the scenes.


So, your mixtape that’s coming out, T.N.T.B., what does the acronym stand for?

Truth In The Booth. We were in the studio one day and my management team came in and said, “Girl, you’re the truth in the booth!”. So I was like, we can call the album “truth in the booth”. It’s a nice title. So it just stuck.


Will you have any collabs on the album with your former group members (Xscape)?

My sister and I was talking about this the other day. And I really want to do something with the girls. Everybody’s kind of busy right now. But if we don’t do something as a group, then it’ll be just the two of us. But, I do have some collaborations with other artists that are out now.  I don’t like to throw names out there. But it’s going to be a nice album. A real nice album.


The new mixtape T.N.T.B. is coming soon. Everyone who digs good ole sangin’ should check it out.  In case you are wondering if she’s going to stick to R&B, she says yes! But she’ll also, “… add little bits of hip-hop, pop, gospel…something that we’ve always done. I never got away from that [gospel]. That’s where my whole roots come from…church. “




LaTocha Scott & Bels (STACKS Mag)


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“Bad Timing” by LaTocha Scott  (Official Single)

Special thanks to Aleesha Carter, PR/KAC Images and U LLC for the invite!


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