via press release:

In 94 Jeru The Damaja and DJ Premier created a song called “Da Bitchez” for the “Sun Rises In The East” LP. The song touched on the back stabbing, gold digging, trifeling women and their ways.

18 years later…all we see on Television is reality shows with women with foul mouths ulterior motives. This has spilled into the real world, where some of these chicks have completely gotten out of line with their tactics. The time has come once again to warn the fellas to keep ya head up and ya eyes open, don’t be fooled or tricked and make sure you set your sights on a real woman and nothing less. Dedicated to some of my friends and family who have fell victim to the clutches of an evil bi*&h.

DJ Eleven (NYC) flipped the beat, and I flipped the lyrics. Salute to Jeru and Premier for the inspiration.

Listen & Download: Señor Kaos & DJ Eleven“Da Bitchez 2012” via Here .

This is the first track from my upcoming EP “Mama Said The Sun Rises In The Resurrection” Coming July 3rd, 2012.

Featuring production and apperances from: DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Exit, Buck Oner, DJ Eleven, and Punchline.

Production by DJ Eleven / Artwork by Warren aka Grilled Cheese Huston.

Original song written by Jeru The Damaja & produced by DJ Premier.




Shout out to Senor Kaos for sending this joint over!