Dom Kennedy is one of those artists that makes the music he wants to make. Usually with carefree lyrics, many either love his stuff or avoid it. His lyrics are simple, yet not totally dumbed down. His flow is basic to enunciate his ideas. Dom doesn’t rhyme for the accolades and awards. Looking further, Dom Kennedy rhymes for tangibility to his music.


The popularity of his music is a reflection of his approach. People have found ways to attach themselves to projects like FTWSWL (From the West Side With Love) I and II and The Original Dom Kennedy. This has even evolved into extensive touring. With the Yellow Album, Dom is at a place to either expand his sound or keep making the same thing. With the same type of lyrical approach and different production from his last project, the question remains: is the music still good?


The answer: it depends on what you think of the production. The beats aren’t wack. Quite the contrary. But, it is a departure from the more “warm West Coast sounds” of FTWSWL II.


The reason for the departure in sound is due to the production squad behind the songs. THC has a bigger hand in production duties with songs like the atmospheric “So Elastic” and the playeristic Too Short featured “Don’t Call Me”. Producers like DrewByrd and DJ Dahi are also featured more. The Futuristiks aren’t really featured on this project. Seemingly, the different producers gave Dom’s music a different feel.


Regardless, though, this album is typical Dominic Hunn subject matter. What you will get here is chill party jams (“My Type of Party”), riding clean through the streets (the Rick Ross assisted “Gold Alpinas”), and relaxation (“Hangin” with Freddie Gibbs). Still, he comes with the album ending “P+H”, a song that focuses on happiness and peaceful living. With an evolved sound, Dom hasn’t really shifted his mentality much. Love or hate it, he is going to talk about the usual West Side influenced subjects.


The Yellow Album is more of the same over different production. Where does that put his album? That depends on your expectations. If you are looking for more Dom Kennedy over different beats, then this is for you. If you were looking for a façade of “progression”, then you can skip this project. Dom Kennedy is going to rest in his lane and makes what he makes. As long as he doesn’t get boring with it, he will win.



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