Tito Lopez is your regular anomaly. Hailing from Gulfport, Mississippi, he tends to not sound southern. Although he is signed to Capitol Records, his biggest song to date is “Mama Proud”. As touted as he is, his sound is practically anti-commercial. With his newest release since finding so much attention, The Hunger Game, Lopez demonstrates his strongest attribute: astute lyricism.


Topically, Tito does delve into certain personal issues. “Jessica” is a vibrant story telling sonnet that gives info about a female crush he runs into later in life. The song “Have Mercy” deals with the duality of Tito’s nature and his dedication to the grind. “Try Me” is the dedication that he gives, showing his prowess and experience. If one expects tracks that talk about nothing, do not look in his direction. The majority of his songs will talk about something.


Even more notable is the freestyles (or “dedication tracks”) that he chose to do. “Mass Appeal 20” flips the DJ Premier track and allows Lopez to get loose. “Devil’s Pie Freestyle” finds him catching a feel for the same D’Angelo track that reminds listeners of the movie Belly. Even more refreshing is the flow displayed over the Stankonia instrumental for the “Black Ice Freestyle”. With his freestyle additions, Tito gave us a chance to understand his musical influences.


With Hunger Game, Tito Lopez displayed his range of ability and potential. This mixtape serves as a good representation of his capabilities. He showcases his ability to tell stories, kick lyrics, and make songs. Yet, there is still room to grow. Once he creates music that is undeniable, then people will have to listen. Until then, this piece of work suffices enough to parade his range and possibilities.

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