The Shaq-ster aka Shaquille O’Neal will soon re-up on his television efforts.


Tru Tv has just given the greenlight to Shaq’s new comedy sketch show “Upload with Shaquille O’Neal”.  The 10-episode show will co-star comedians Gary Owens and Godfrey.  The guys will share their 2 cents on web videos and also showcase thier own parodies.  With Shaq being a known funny guy himself, we’re sure fans tuning in will not be disappointed.


“Shaquille O’Neal has such a great personality, and he really has a lot of fun with the format and the material in this new truTV series,” said TruTV EVP and COO Marc Juris. “This show is going to be a great fit with TruTV’s comedic shows like Impractical Jokers and the upcoming Killer Karaoke.”



No word yet on when the show will air. But, we will definitely keep you posted!

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