We fell in love with the outrageous sister dymanic two seasons ago. Well, on August 16, the Braxton sisters are back!


Toni, Tamar, Towanda, Trina, and Traci will return to WE tv giving us more hilarity and emotional experiences as cameras roll into their lives.  Of course, Mama Braxton will be in tow to give her daughters the motherly advice they need. But we’ll continue to see how her love life pans out as well (remember Evelyn was close to being married last season).  From Trina’s ongoing marriage issues to Tamar’s contemplation on becoming a mom, this season looks like it will again strike big numbers in viewership.


Here’s a sneak peek:


The Braxton Family Values new season will premier Monday, August 16 at 9PM.  Will you be watching??

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