With all of the housewives, ex-wives, basketball wives, love and hip-hop, mama drama and whatever else they can think of to do in the form of reality shows, it finally sounds like there’s one on the rise that just may bring the world of reality a breath of fresh air. By way of R&B singers Faith Evans, Monifah Carter, Nicci Gilbert, Syleena Johnson and Keke Wyatt, TV One is about to bring to the boob tube its reality show “R&B Divas”.


Considering the reality show experience that the world has already had, TV One has vowed that this one will be nothing like the other and that they intend to put the real back in reality. According to the network’s Executive Vice President of Original Programming and Production Toni Judkins, “TV One looks to bring viewers great storytelling that portrays authentic black life in America today. The ladies of R&B Divas are truly talented and amazing women individually and when you bring them together into one TV show, you have an incredibly compelling story. And, these ladies have known each other in the industry for quite a while. We aren’t creating relationships for the sake of a television show, so their actions, relationships and emotions are authentic and true to life – and it makes for a powerful narrative.”


Here’s the rundown of the show from TV One…


They are all juggling myriad personal challenges and responsibilities in addition to making music – including raising families. Faith prepares for a major move as she maintains her businesses and helps manage the estate of a music icon. She also launches a new hair care product line, Glass Hair Products. Monifah reveals a bombshell that could drive a wedge between them. Keke is pregnant and the women are convinced that she can’t go anywhere without her husband/manager. Nicci is launching a new plus-sized clothing line called Curvato, while Syleena makes a career decision that will affect her entire family and put additional strain on her financially. Also captured is their most recent powerhouse tribute performances during the 2012 Essence Music Festival, where the ladies honored Donna Summer, Vesta Williams, Nick Ashford, Etta James, and Whitney Houston.


“R&B Divas” debuts the first of eight one-hour episodes on TV One on August 20th a 10pm [EST].