Film director Antoine Fuqua will soon bring the infamous Suge Knight story to television.


Tentatively set to air on the Showtime network sometime in April or May, “Suge Knight” will give viewers an “real” inside look into the life and mindset of Death Row Records co-founder . After years of being portrayed as a notorious music label executive, Mr. Knight will finally get the opportunity to tell his story, the Tupac Shakur and Christopher “Notorious B.I.G” Walker beef, his dealings in the music business, and life outside of music.


Recently, Fuqua told EURweb, “The point of making the documentary was – and I spoke to Suge about it – I said ‘it is your responsibility, especially being Black. I think you have a lot of young people who constantly want to get into the music business and there’s a lot of pitfalls and we lost great artists. Tupac. Biggie. A lot of guys went to jail. A lot of guys lost their lives. A lot of people made a lot of money.’”


Also, the film project will use the opportunity to help young kids who aspire to be in the music business.


“I said ‘you know, I have children. You have children, Suge and we gotta stop letting everybody else tell our stories. Even if it’s bad, at least tell the story and give some advice and some sense of how it happened so that maybe the next young cat that comes along and wants to become a mogul in that business or any business may not make that mistake,’” the filmmaker stated. “I said ‘put a face on yourself just as a human being because you’re looked on as a monster and let’s talk about the things that nobody else wants to talk about. Let’s talk about Tupac’s death. Let’s talk about how you did what you did, what’s true and what’s not true…You never know if either one of us will be here in the morning but here’s an opportunity for you to tell your own story and let the people judge for themselves. At least let the young people hear what happened.”


This should be very interesting.


In related news, Antoine Fuqua’s next film project ‘Olympus Has Fallen’ will hit theaters today (March 22).  The film is about a Korean terrorist plan to take over the White House. STACKS Magazine had the pleasure to attend the private screening held here in Atlanta.  Take our word, the film is a definite must-see!