Wow…talk about innovative.  The things you can do nowadays with cell phones and notebooks are amazing.


Indie filmmaker, Aaron Mento, recently saved thousands of dollars on a crew and production equipment when he geniusly thought of using his iPad 2 to create a movie.  In conjunction with Ocular Migraine Productions, Mento shot the first feature length film on an iPad 2. The film is called “Standard of Living”.


An unpredictable hybrid of horror, comedy and science fiction, “Standards of Living” follows struggling stand-up comedian Peter Sayer, who is desperately unfunny and desperate to change that. One night, Mr. Randall witnesses Peter’s routine. A mysterious man who conducts teleporting experiments, Mr. Randall claims he can cause cargo to “improve” during the journey back—including Peter. Hoping the mission will make him funnier, Peter agrees to be teleported. The result is no laughing matter.


“Standard of Living” is not within industry standards, but turned out to be pretty good considering no rig, tripod, or lens were used.  The iPad 2 also cut production costs way down which was great for a young indie filmmaker.


“When you’re low-budget, needing high-end equipment and an operating team can keep you from getting your story out into the world. I saw my iPad 2 one day and thought, ‘Why can’t I make my movie using that?’ ” Mento said.


For all of you indie film lovers, the movie will be released today via live stream at  Go check it out and let us know what you think.