Well, well, well…Tyler Perry is continuing to surprise Hollywood with great box office numbers.  His recent release ‘Temptation’ opened in theaters on Friday, March 29.  The current estimated weekend box office sales are approximately $22 million.  Even though the story line isn’t new when it comes to love and infidelity, the community didn’t mind.  These are good numbers and shows that  all African-American casts are still appreciated by movie goers.


To show his appreciation, Tyler Perry even took to his blog to express his love to all of those who went out to see the film.  He wrote…




Hey Happy Easter,




Well, where can I start? I just want to say thank you for going to see Temptation at the movie theaters. You have no idea what this means to me. After 14 movies you are still coming, and many more people have joined in to support what I do. I say this often but you need to know it’s true, I never assume that you are going to show up, but thank you for doing so. Because you went to the movies to see this film all of my employees are very happy at Tyler Perry Studios…LOL. Just know I’m grateful.




I’ve been hanging out all weekend on my message board and on Facebook to see what you thought and wow! Some of the most powerful things I have ever read are on my message board. Thank you for opening up your lives and sharing your stories – stories of betrayal and of your own temptation, but most of all thank you for letting me know that this movie gave you hope or a new outlook, which is what it’s all about for me. There were several testimonials of how this movie has spoken to marriages. One person wrote, “Thank you for this film, now I have closure.” Several of you said that I must have been peeking in your window because this movie was too close to home. Another lady said that she left feeling hopeful, and another couple went home talking about how this movie stopped both of them from making the wrong decision. You have no idea how this moves me.




Again, thank you.



KUDOS to Mr. Tyler Perry on another great movie!