One of the most anticipated movies of 2013, “Lee Daniels’ The Butler”, lands the number one spot at the box office. The film hit theatres on Friday up against some tough competition (i.e. “We’re The Millers”, “Elysium”, “Kick Ass 2”).  Movie buffs and critics point the finger at Oprah Winfrey as the movie success generator. “The Butler” marked Oprah’s returned to screen since being on hiatus from acting since 1998. In the movie, Oprah played the alcoholic wife of the White Houses’ long-serving butler (played by Forest Whitaker).


“The Butler” was produced by the Weinstein Co. and directed by the famed Lee Daniels.  As you recall in previous posts, Weinstein Co. were battling another movie house for the use of the word “The Butler” as the official movie title. But, it was finally decided a few months ago (for copyrights sake) that Weinstein Co. had to revise the title before they could roll out their final marketing/promo initiatives. Hence, the final official title of the film “Lee Daniels’ The Butler”.


Other films who racked in millions over the weekend were “We’re The Millers” ($17.8 million), “Elysium” ($13.6 million), and “Kick Ass 2” ($13.6 million), and “Planes” ($13.1 million).



Did you go see “The Butler” this weekend? What is your opinion about the film?