In November 2012, several key television and film industry professionals hosted a pitch summit in Atlanta. [READ HERE]  The summit allowed aspiring television producers to their ideas and gain instant feedback. Well, this year the group that is spearheading this event is taking things digital.


The Atlanta Pitch Summit 2013 will be conducted via online through a web-based program. The webinar will live and include professionals in production, networks, studios, and agencies. If you have started a project or finished a script, this webinar is a must. The only requirement is that you MUST have a treatment, script, or video and is ready to shop your project to various outlets.


If memory serves us, the show “The New Atlanta”  (formerly called “Taking Atlanta”) was a pitch idea that came out of the 2012 summit. As you can see, Mona Scott-Young took a liking to the idea and turned into a reality show on Bravo. So, you never know what may happen with your project.


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