Just when you think you’ve seen it all…


L’Oreal Paris, a leader in beauty products, has positioned it’s first make-up vending machine in New York City.  The machine is located at the Bryant Park subway hub and readily accessible to any person who may need a few beauty products.  The pop-up is called the “L’Oreal Paris Intelligent Color Experience” and is the first ever vending machine to use cameras and sensors to help suggest the right colors for you. When you step up to one of the vending machines, look into the mirror and camera. Instantly, the machines intelligence will detect the colors you are currently wearing and ask if you would prefer to stick with that color scheme. If so, products sold in the machine will be offered to you for purchasing.


Products can be purchased on the spot with a credit card. Also, you have the option to send L’Oreal’s product suggestions to you via email.


If you are in the New York area, you have until December 30, 2013 to go and try the experience out for yourself.



Ladies, what do you think? Would you buy make-up out of a vending machine?


Personally, the concerns I would have are:



1) will it be cheaper to buy in-store than at the vending machine?  

2) is there a mark-up on price because of the “intelligence” aspect of this high-tech equipment?

3) are the products sold being monitored due to weather conditions? i wouldn’t want to purchase some lipstick that is frozen solid because of New York’s cold climate.

4) will persons of color be able to find products/colors suitable for their skin complexion in these vending machines?


I’m sure L’Oreal Paris thought of most of these things during pre-launch stages. But if not, these are some great questions to consider. However, there’s one great thing about this experience is that it makes it very convenient for today’s woman-on-the-go. Sometimes you can’t find the time to go to Walgreen’s and replace your mascara or foundation. So, L’Oreal definitely solved an issue of “time” with this idea.



Photo Credit: L’Oreal Paris