Within the last few years, rapper 2 Chainz has been critiqued and/or congratulated for his fashion choices.  Not to be just another artist with a Versace shirt and leather pants, however, 2 Chainz always take style a step further. What inspires his swag? Has he always been this flashy? Some of us need answers.


Well, he’s released a short film that gives a little more insight on what he believes style is.  In the video, you get a chance to see him in various outfits worn while out on tour. Even Harlem’s fashionisto A$AP Rocky makes a cameo appearance. During a moment backstage, Rocky he gives Chainz’s props on a black jacket with tassels. Also, 2 Chainz is a feeling a bit like Rick James. He strike a few poses reminiscent of James’ iconic player stance in the 70’s.


If you’re wondering where his love for fashion all started, watch “Too Damn Rick James” below: