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In two weeks, President Barack Obama will deliver his State of the Union address to a joint Congress. The American people will, at that time, learn of several ways Obama is trying to improve the quality of life for the middle-class.  His economic agenda, however, will require meetings with several key groups, which Obama is scheduled to attend during the next few days.


On Tuesday, Obama is meeting with his Cabinet to discuss measures that can help the middle class. On Wednesday he will go to North Carolina to draw attention to industry steps to increase high-tech manufacturing. On Thursday he has invited college presidents to discuss ways to improve workers’ skills. Later this month, he is convening CEOs at the White House to lay out plans for hiring the long-term unemployed.


“The president will use every tool he can to create new jobs and opportunities for the middle class,” White House senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer writes in an email to be sent Tuesday morning to the White House list of supporters. “He will be looking for areas of bipartisan cooperation, but he won’t be waiting on Congress to act.”


During his term(s), Obama has received much push back from Congress. This has made it difficult for agenda items to pass: increase in minimum wage, universal preschool, and a change in immigration laws. These items were revealed during his 2013 address, but yet to pass through legislation.


President Obama will regurgitate the 2013 list along with the new concerns. His hope is for executive action and additional push from key private sector companies – and interest groups – to be of great assistance in hurdling over his overpowering White House constituents.


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