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With New York Fashion Week around the corner, it’s important to remind everyone that there are some amazing models both on and off of the runway. For those models who glow more on camera versus on a runway, here some tips that will help you retain that shine and succeed in your modeling career. And as an added treat, we have some models that put on their best “Smize” for STACKS Magazine.


Modeling Tips:


1. Get sleep – This will help prevent the unwanted bags under the eyes, as well as help give you the patience and stamina that is needed during a shoot.


2. Drink a lot of water  This alone will add greatly to the look and healthiness of your skin.


3. Practice – Spend some time in front of a mirror learning and developing a variety of expressions. Striking different poses with the same facial expression does little to enhance your portfolio; you may want to consider studying the expressions and body language of the top models in your field for examples and ideas. If you are just starting out, your photographer will be able to share ideas with you.


4. Work with a great staff – Have MUA, Hair Stylists, and a Creative Director on set to ensure a great shoot with great shots. That also goes for men models. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a little foundation on your face to cover up unwanted blemishes. A good MUA and Hair Stylists will help terminate the need for a lot of retouching.


5. Wardrobe – Make sure your clothing helps portray the concept of your shoot. Also make sure your clothing fits well and is clean and pressed.


6. Choose the perfect setting – The area and background of where you are shooting makes a huge impact on your picture. Your setting should definitely add to the concept of your photo(s) also.



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Photographer: Santanna Hayes

Hair Stylist: Tyler Holloway, Tyrike Britt

Make Up: Zoe Dupree

Stylist: Jeffrey “Fro” Young, Zoe Dupree

Assistant: Harden Griffin