Jermaine Dupri is in the news again. To no surprise, however, it is due to another financial mishap. This time with one of his ex-business partners. 


In January, Eddie Weathers filed a $1 million civil lawsuit against Jermaine Dupri for unpaid profits earned from a business they both owned. According to the court documents retained by RadarOnline, both men established Dieniahmar Music LLC in 2005. The name derived from the names of Dupri and Weather’s first born children. A year after the business was established, Dupri entered a co-publishing deal with EMI Music.  Weathers says that Dupri told EMI, “he was the sole owner of Dieniahmar Music, when in fact he was not.”


Therefore, from 2006 to 2013, royalties were paid to Dupri and his business manager directly from EMI.


“On April 11, 2008, Weathers received a check from Mauldin’s new business manager…in the amount of $275,752.97 which represented two years of back pay royalties due Weathers,” the civil suit states.


Weathers claims that when Dupri hired a new business manager in 2011, Willie Carter, his payments ceased, or came late, or were just a fraction of what he was owed.


And when Dupri told Weathers he planned to sell Dieniahmar Music to EMI in April 2013, he claims he was promised a $238,000 cut — which he never got.



Weathers is suing Dieniahmar Music, Jermaine Mauldin, and Willie Carter for $250, 000 plus any other royalties owed. He is seeking $1 million.