Fashion is popular, always has been and always will be. We’ve seen clothes come in style, leave and return, sometimes even less than a decade a later. That’s the fashion life. But, how old is too old for older men and women (especially the women) to wear a certain attire?


Recently, I was shopping with my friends and a woman (who was probably close to 50 or maybe older) was trying on an outfit at the same time as one my friends. She stared at herself for several minutes in the mirror before turning around asking for my opinion. “How does this look?” Inside I was talking to myself like Mo’Nique did in Phat Girlz (when she didn’t want to say the truth aloud). I said, “nice.” But in my head I added, “if you were celebrating your 21st birthday.”  She wore daisy dukes, with fishnets and a top exposing almost all of her breast. She also had a tattoo on her cleavage. Is this appropriate? Maybe to her it is, but to others it may not be.


On a separate occasion, I was in the Kids aisle and there were lace and netted shirts for the young girls. The shirts, in my opinion are too sexy for anyone who haven’t even reached puberty yet – and even then, it’s still questionable as to whether it’s appropriate or not. The same thing with leggings. I feel like little girls shouldn’t wear them. These days, kids bodies mature a lot quicker than they did back in in the day and leggings shows it all and bars none.


I also began questioning my own appearance at one point of time. When I was 20 and a junior in college, I became a substitute teacher. I enjoyed it. I felt like I dressed appropriately until students would walk up to me and talk about they have the same outfit as I do. When this was happening, my students thought that they could have friendship with me, not only because I was young, but also because our dressing styles were very similar. As the time went by I completely changed the way I looked when going into work. I learned that students actually have more respect for you when you look like a teacher instead of their peer.


The way a person dress not only says a lot about your character, but it also plays a role in respect. For example, the woman I seen with the daisy dukes on would most likely get less respect than a woman of her same ethnicity and age with nice slacks and a blouse on. This issue is also big with celebrities who wear skimpy clothes and still dress as if they’re in their early 20s.


So, we’re back at the same question again…should certain clothes have an age stipulation? Should we dress a certain way after we hit a certain age?




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