Daley has built some worthwhile buzz around his music. As a writer for Marsha Ambrosius, his rise in stock would only be inevitable. Yet, the Manchester, England based artist started making things shift in his favor with the release of Doncamatic, the Gorillaz single from 2010. After that, it was just more and more work and success. Now, we are here: his premiere full length album Days and Nights.


If you are looking for some damn good R&B with silky smooth/soothing vocals and attention grabbing production, this is your album.


Daley does what he does best: sing his heart out. On “Alone Together” (the Marsha Ambrosius duet), he makes it happen over a sultry slow track. In contrast, he can easily make things happen on “Pass It On”, a more upbeat track. Even when he becomes vocally bombastic on the opening trackTime Travel”, his vocal inflections are encompassing and engaging. When it comes to singing, Daley makes it be known that he is gifted.


Yet and still, it is some of the themes and stories that should really give listeners something to find valuable. Take the track “She Fades”. Do note that Daley dedicated this track to a female friend that has had some daunting struggles in her life. This is his way of dedicating his music to the healing and nourishing of those that listen to him. In short, Daley likes to musically show how human he can be.


Days and Nights is easily a hit album. Daley is easily going to be an artist that will stand the test of time. Yes, he can mess it all up by making questionable moves. However, he may be incapable of making meaningless music. Plus, he has great vocals. So, I would suggest all R&B lovers to get this album.


That is all. Buy the album.


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