WERK Emily B!


As a reality show star, it is imperative that you capitalize off of the moment, build your brand, and showcase your many talents. This is exactly what celebrity stylist, Emily B of “Love & Hip Hop”, has done. Her love of fashion is undeniable as is her love for shoes.


If you recall, she partnered with Zigi NY about a year ago to design her own collection of pumps and boots. Her shoe creations were well-received by the public. Apparently, her ability to create the next hawt shoe has been noticed by bigger brands, thus her new partnership with BeBe.


Emily B took to her Instagram (@EmilyB_) to announce their collaboration.


In the #bebe footwear showroom working on designs for their fall collection #creativedirector #Iloveshoes <3 


That’s dope! We can’t wait to see the collection.