A Haunted House 2” is the sequel of “A Haunted House” a film produced by funny man Marlon Wayans. Without a doubt this film will have you on the edge of your seat laughing at an all-star cast such as Cedric the Entertainer, Kim Whitley, Essence Atkins and several other actors. During an exclusive press meet-n-greet in Atlanta, Wayans talked about his road to comedy, family and the growing pains of Hollywood.


Marlon stated that the “A Haunted House” franchise was not a parody but a horror; a comedy with parody moments that do not make since but original funny. Marlon also talked about how he decided to take “A Haunted House 2” to another level to be able to open the movie up for the overall experience. A huge part of Marlon’s inspiration for “A Haunted House 2”was finding a new venue, situations and topics to discuss such as the diversity with the cast and different story lines.





He also discussed his family’s involvement in the project; feedback he received that helped him to be able to feel comfortable because he values his brother’s opinions so much. Marlon said growing up his brothers were really close and still are. His parents always sat them down and told them how special and unique they were and how proud they were of them individually.



There were several highlights from the movie for Marlon: the behind the scenes; creativity of the actors; impromptu moments that he kept because of the rawness of the actors expressing themselves. Marlon also recalled a moment with actress Kim Whitley while filming. He stated he just allowed her to be free with the lines and how excited she was and actually cried tears of joy.



His goal is to create opportunities for other actors of all races, especially people of color to break barriers and hit theaters around the globe.


“A Haunted House 2” hits theaters Friday April 18.

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