Nowadays, everyone has a sense of style. This oftentimes transitions into one believing they have what it takes to be a fashion stylist. While some are creative enough to enter the career on a whelm, there are others who take the craft extra serious. Thus, they go to fashion school, learn the fundamentals behind styling, and partake in various internships to hone their skill set. And this is the best way to go about it. The fashion industry is just as cut throat as music, sports, and the corporate world. So, it is best to be well-educated in the field before entering into it.


So, what do you need to know before becoming a fashion stylist?


Here are a few things to know in order to become the next high-profile fashion stylist:


1. Know what stylist do – Understand what it is that stylists do. For instance, learn about how fashion stylists coordinate the apparel, accessories, hair and makeup. Learn the role of the stylist during photo shoots, editorials, red carpets, etc.


2. Gain experience – Stylists who excel in their careers, first, start off by taking on apprenticeships/internships. Get experience with working with professionals already in the industry.


3. Learn as much as you can – The more you know, the more you’ll be able to give to your craft. Here are some top things to do/know according to Yahoo!:


a. Research, forecast and stay on top of the latest fashion trends

b. Utilize fashion and entertainment industry terminology

c. Apply various fashion styling techniques for different types of styling i.e. television, print, runway, film

d. Build a fashion stylist portfolio

e. Pull and return merchandise

f. Budget, manage and complete administrative tasks

g. Networking and getting work


4. Be creative, progressive, and friendly – The best stylists are unique in the clothing that they chose for their clients. They have the know-how to pick the right garments, accessories, and shoes that fit their clients and make them comfortable. Always think ten steps ahead of the rest. Be fashion-forward. Stay on-top of trends and next season must-haves. Be personable. Nothings worse than being a stylist with a constant attitude. You will be met with hard-to-deal-with clients and/or designers who are difficult to work with. Remain humble and calm. Your first impression is your last impression. So, always keep a positive disposition and attitude.


5. Be your best advertisement – Stay fresh-to-def! In other words, stay dressing fly. The best way to gain clients is to remain fashionable yourself. You are your best advertisement.