Tameka “Tiny” Harris, exec. producer “The Real Hair Stylists of Atlanta”


On Monday, April 14, the W Hotel – Buckhead was the meeting place for a special press conference for media outlets in the city of Atlanta. The press conference was for an upcoming reality show called “The Real Hair Stylists of Atlanta“.  The shows producers, Shante Traynham (CEO, Eyelash Vizion Films & Eyelash Vizion Marketing & Brand Agency) and sister Mimi, were joined by Dwight Eubanks (salon owner, “Real Housewives of Atlanta”) and Tameka “Tiny” Harris (singer/songwriter, “T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle”).  During the press conference, outlets learned more about the show and why Mrs. Harris decided to embark on this journey to serve as Executive Producer.


To give readers a bit of information on what the show is about, RHSOA will show the educational side of hair. It will also showcase the different personalities of the cast and their clients. Each stylist will bring something different to the table. With this being a multi-billion dollar industry, RHSOA will educate viewers on the ins and outs of the business.



Dwight Eubanks



Hairstylists, make-up artists, and wardrobe stylists will make up the show. According to the producers, each cast member was hand selected because of their character. Each character will show us what it takes to build a brand. They will also go out on a Glam Fame Tour, in which the celebrity stylists will get on a tour bus and go from city to city. In each city, they’ll be teaching classes and hosting pop-up shops.


“I am honored to be among so many strong women, in power and in production. And we creatively came together to work on this project. The cast that we’ve assembled is awesome. So many times stylists, make-up artists, wardrobe stylists, sometimes don’t receive the full recognition that they deserve – of the hard work, blood, sweat, and tears that they put in to build the brand of a celebrity. And what we are doing is being that platform and showing the uniqueness of their craft and the quality of their work. Also, how they build their brand and live their lives. So, this show will definitely be exciting. It will never be the same and it will definitely bring something different to TV,” says Shante Traynham.



Shante Traynham and sister, Mimi, exec. producers



The Real Hairstylists of Atlanta will differ from other hair-related shows in that it will dive deep into the lives of the cast mates. Unlike other shows that only focus on one individual, brand or shop, RHSOA will showcase several stylists and how they were able to grow their brands. What make them keep celebrities as clientele? What was their journey to becoming who they are as a stylist? What makes them unique? These are several of the things this show will offer to viewers.


Tameka took time to comment on if Atlanta is oversaturated with shows. With the city being the major hub now for film and television producers, more shows are using the city and its people as the focus of their projects. Some people believe its overdone, while others believe it’s just Atlanta’s time.


“Atlanta is just winning. I don’t know if you can say that it’s oversaturated because I mean…it’s winning. Why stop something that you know is going great? The city is winning when it comes to TV and when it comes to music. So, Atlanta is just that city now. I think that we all just have to come to the realization that we’re here,” says Tameka “Tiny” Harris


Regardless, however, as it stands now RHSOA is in the middle of a bidding war between several networks. So, as soon as a network is chosen, viewers may see the show as  early as 2015. So, expect to see more of the Black Hollywood of the South, Atlanta, on your television screens.


Mimi, Shante, Tiny & Ms. Bels (owner, STACKS Magazine)

Mimi, Shante, Tiny & Ms. Bels (owner, STACKS Magazine)

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