10 Non-Technical Ways to Win Over a Casting Director



Are you an aspiring actor looking to be the next big thing in Hollywood? Well, on your road to becoming that A-list actor or actress, casting calls and auditions will be a never-ending cycle. And although you have years of technical training, your craft is only a portion of what is needed to win over casting directors.


Casting directors are there to experience your talent first hand. But, there is more that they want to see outside of your reading skills. Casting directors need to see if you embody the love for the art. They also can tell if you are just there to try to get a check versus auditioning because the art is truly gratifying to you. So, as an actor/actress, you have to allow your inner presence to shine. Let your desire to be great in the art form reflect in your audition.


While researching ways on how to succeed at auditions, I came across 10 Non-Technical Ways to Win Over a Casting Director. Here is the list below:


1. Come to work and not to please or get our approval.

2. Make no excuses whatsoever. Leave your baggage outside. Better yet, at home.

3. Do your homework on the project. This includes knowing all the players and the show or film’s tone and style. Read all the material you can get your hands on.

4. Don’t apologize. Ever. For anything.

5. Don’t expect to be directed, but if you are, take the direction, no matter what it is. Understand how to translate results-oriented direction into action.

6. Make specific, personal, bold choices. We want your unique voice to bring the script to life.

7. Require no stroking, coddling, or love. We’re there to work. Don’t take it personally when we’re not touchy-feely. Know that we love actors and that’s truly why we’re here.

8. Understand that you’re there to collaborate. You’re being evaluated in terms of how you serve the role and the material. It’s not a verdict on your personhood. Judgment is something you can control

9. What you bring in reflects how you’re received so bring in joy, conviction, and ease, and our hearts will open.

10. Share your artistry above all else.


As concluded in an article on Backstage.com, the key is to remember that everyone is human in the audition room. The goal is to connect with the casting directors on an emotional level. Be vulnerable, personal, truthful, and fully present. Everyone there wants you to win. So, you must carry that “I AM A CHAMPION” mentality with you during your auditions.