EXCLUSIVE: @KandiBurruss Talks ‘A Mother’s Love’ & Gives Advice On Couples Working Together In Business



On Thursday, May 1, Kandi Burruss granted several key media outlets the opportunity to be on an exclusive conference call. The entrepreneur/reality TV star talked about her first musical “A Mother’s Love“, which is out now out on DVD.  Kandi is known for her singing and songwriting talents from her days in Xscape. Her creativity is undeniable and has been cultivated over the years through albums and television projects. So, it was a pleasure for Kandi to align her talents with her husband, Todd Tucker, to create a hit musical.


“A Mother’s Love” debuted at the Rialto Center for the Arts in Atlanta on November 22. It closed out that Sunday to celebratory feedback from attendees and local critics. The performances by Eddie Levert, Q. Parker, Shirley Murdock, Porsha Williams, D. Wood’s, Funky Dineva, Kandi (herself), and the other stage actors/actresses were outstanding and the music selections were awesome. Many of Kandi’s supporters were in attendance: the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast – Phaedra Parks & Apollo Nida, Kenya Moore, Cynthia Baily & Peter Thomas. Even, producer/director Tyler Perry showed huge support as he sat in the audience and enjoyed the play.



The play was inspired by Kandi’s real life. She stated that it was not about her life in a literal sense, especially the relationship between her and her mom, Mama Joyce. But, the play included pivotal moments in a young woman’s life while going through the emotions of loving a man that, unfortunately, isn’t acceptable by her mom.


At this point, there is no plan to create a part two of “A Mother’s Love”. However, Kandi tells STACKS Magazine that there will be other musicals developed.


No. I don’t really plan on doing a part one or part two of “A Mother’s Love”. I do plan on doing more musicals, but not that same story. I want to do some more stuff. You know, do something different. Also, we are going to take it on the road. The one that we’ve already done.



If you’ve followed the last two season’s of RHOA, the complicated relationship between Kandi, Todd, and Mama Joyce has been a key story line on the show. Kandi and Todd met on set about 2 years ago and has enjoyed a world wind love affair ever since. But, love isn’t always peaches-n-cream. With their relationship, Kandi is seen as the bread winner. Mama Joyce, although she’s cool with him now, didn’t like Todd and considered him an opportunist. So, during this past season, Kandi and Todd has ignored the critics and made their union work. The development of “A Mother’s Love” was the first opportunity for the couple to work together. Clearly with the success of the musical, their working relationship proved to be beneficial. However, Kandi says there were a few issues when the two began working on the project.


In the beginning, when Todd and I first started working on this musical, we were bumping heads. I felt like he was trying to get in my lane, the creative lane. And then he was saying that I was trying to tell him what to do on his end. So, we had to figure out how to do what we do best and stay in our own lane. Of course, we both wanted to give input on other things. So, that took a second. Then, in the beginning, I feel like Todd was being wishy washy because one minute he was like, “Okay I’m down with the team. I’m going to do this with you.”  Then the next minute he’s like “I don’t know,” because he’ll be mad about something I did or something I said. And he’d be saying that he was going to quit ’cause we didn’t want to do it his way.


Todd, in his position, he normally likes to run things with his crew, his team, and the things he does best business wise. Like being a line producer or production manager, he runs his team on different shows and things that he’s working on. So with me, I’m like you’re not going to boss me around. One day he had to tell me, “I don’t work for you.” [laughs]  So, it was the power struggle. Once we got passed that, things were good. We learned how to compromise and be on the same page. And I think it is a LOT better.


Definitely, I think it takes a moment to adjust and allowing each person to lead the way in the area that they are strong.



Along with the musical, fans will receive the official soundtrack on CD.  The 18-track compilation was co-written and executive produced by Kandi. Check out the track listing below:


1. Legs, Hips, Body – Kandi, Porsha Williams, D. Woods, and Funky Dineva

2. I’m Gonna Be Here – Olrick Johnson, Sean Baker, and Zuri Craig

3. Second Thoughts (Interlude) – Kandi

4. Shouldn’t Have A Say – Q. Parker

5. People In The Streets – Shirley Murdock, Adrienne Reynolds and Chandra Currelley

6. Ain’t Nobody Coming Between Us – Kandi, Porsha Williams, and D. Woods

7. Forever Love – Q. Parker and Kandi

8. You Cut Me Deep – Kandi

9. I’m So Sweet (Interlude) – Adrienne Reynolds

10. Forget You Pay Me – Shirley Murdock, Adrienne Reynolds, and Chandra Currelley

11. Used To Bee’s (Interlude) – Kandi, Porsha Williams, D. Woods

12. Watch Over Me – Porsha Williams

13. Let Them Love – Chandra Currelley

14. Something’s Got To Change – Eddie Levert, Shirley Murdock, Brandin Jay, O. Parker, and Adrienne Reynolds

15. Now & Then – Eddie Levert and Shirley Murdock

16. Should Have Listen – Kandi, Q. Parker, Shirley Murdock

17. A Mother’s Love – Shirley Murdock

18. We All Need Love – Kandi, D. Woods, Zuri Craig, Q. Parker, Eddie Levert, Shirley Murdock, and Adrienne Reynolds


To order “A Mother’s Love” DVD and CD package, visit www.Kandionline.com. The CD can be purchased now on iTunes as well.


In addition, please set your DVR’s for the premier of Kandi’s spin-off special, “The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Kandi’s Wedding“.  It premieres on Bravo TV on Sunday, June 1 at 8pm ET/PT.  It is sure to be a wedding to remember!


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