#LHHATL EXCLUSIVE: Bambi Talks Why Exposing Her Miscarriage Was Important, Her Love for Scrappy, Erica Pinkett, Pink Out Poverty Project & More



“Love & Hip Hop Atlanta”, VH1’s top rated reality show, is off to an explosive start with its third season. One of the tumultuous story lines this season is the relationship between Lil Scrappy and Bambi. It’s been five episodes now since the new season started and a lot has transpired since Bambi’s brief appearance during season two. Well, the statuesque rapper from Compton, L.A. has claimed her stake in Scrappy’s heart and is prepared to go to war against any chick who infiltrates their union.


This season on LHHATL, Bambi is not only battling a “side chick” but she also reveals a softer side that many of her fans are not used to seeing. Apparently, the love affair with Scrappy has got her feeling some type of way. Emotions are heavy and an unexpected miscarriage has taken her relationship to deeper depths. But with her strength in self-awareness and worth, Bambi understands that all is fair in love and war and she’s refuses to be blind-sided by the foolishness.


Bambi is a real woman. Plus, she is a smart one too. Holding college degrees and a CEO title, the mother of the Lipstick Gang diversifies her talents in other areas outside of television. Bambi is a known femcee that is currently mapping out upcoming music projects. She owns a clothing line called Shimmer Life, which she recently presented a few items during Freddy O’s I Pledge to Hustle Fashion Show in Atlanta. In addition, her and the Lipstick Gang started an organization that helps young girls build self-esteem in order to achieve greatness in education and careers.  They even hosted a “Pink Out Poverty” event in which the ladies collected and handed out various products to promote good hygiene, health, and beauty to young women living in low-income communities.




See, there’s way more to Bambi than what you see on television. And our STACKS Magazine readers wanted to get to know her better. So, I, Ms. Bels, had the pleasure to chat with “The Bam” recently to find out how she feels about her portrayal on LHHATL, her new found love for Lil Scrappy, the extent of her and Momma Dee’s friendship, Scrappy’s “alleged” sidepiece, her music and business projects, and much more.


Check out what Bambi had to say  in our exclusive interview below:


On season 3 of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” thus far, it seems as though you are more vulnerable and emotional. Was this something you planned? Did you want the public to see this different side of you?


NO, it wasn’t that. I wasn’t intended at all. During the time that me and Scrap [Lil Scrappy] connected, he just needed a different type of person in his life. I became that person for him. And things just kind of happened.


In the beginning of the season, obviously I didn’t know, but I was pregnant. So a lot of those emotions were coming from there [the pregnancy]. We both were like, “WTH!” I was like what’s wrong with me. He was like, “Yeh what’s wrong with you?” So, it was odd. But, obviously, eventually, we figured out what it was.


I knew that people were going to see me differently. They’ve never seen me in a relationship. I’m not the same person that I am when I’m a relationship than when I’m chilling with home girls.


Let me go on record and say it’s good when you see a different side of a person. Because you already have this preconceived notion of them. But when you see them doing their thing, especially when it comes to relationships, then sometimes it’s a good thing. So, this is definitely a good thing for you.


Well, I appreciate that you guys can appreciate that side. I was kind of hesitant. I really didn’t know how people were going to perceive it and it’s real. So, you know…what you see is what you get.


With the miscarriage situation, I know that you released an official press statement in regards to that. For any other outlets or just the public having any speculations…I don’t know if it was because of the timing but it seems like one episode you were getting a pregnancy test and then the next episode “this” happened. Can you speak on that?


Yes, I can understand how fans could perceive that. Especially when you are not familiar on the way these things work. Typically, I don’t film every day. It’ll be weeks that go by before I film. So, they just capture things when they capture them.


As far as the people who thought it was fake, that was something I have never really considered (that people would be that disgusting). But you know, it happened. Yesterday was a really bad day for me, just having to relive that whole scene. When I decided to do it, I just felt there would probably be some women out there who had gone through the same thing. They can see how I recovered and move back on and be inspired.


How was it when Momma Dee came out and told you that she too had a miscarriage once before? It seems like you guys had that moment of bonding. How was that for you?


You know, it was crazy because I have never ever imagined Momma Dee showing any type of emotion. It’s kind of hard to say that about a person (because she is a person). But, I just never ever looked at her like that. I never thought I would share a moment with her like that.


So, would you say that you and Momma Dee’s relationship is pretty good?


I mean, you know, Momma Dee is Momma Dee. [laughs]  One day she’s a Fairy Godmother, then the next day she’s an evil witch.


Well, one thing you both have in common is the love for Scrappy. Personally, I’ve always wondered what is it about Scrappy that makes girls fall for him? What is it about him that attracted you?


You know that’s a good question because I had been knowing him for a long time. I’ve known Scrap for years. He’d always try it and try it and try it. I’d be like, “Boy get out of my face ‘cause you’re full of shit.” But when you went to rehab, he was a whole different person and I really connected with him.


That what it was for me. I really got to know him as a person. He’s actually a decent person. Smart. He’s a great dad. So, I’m learning all these things about him and that’s what it was for me.


Before that, I would have never ever taken him serious.


This season, we see another woman in Scrappy’s life name Erica Pinkett. There were some word that she may be having a baby by Scrappy. Is this true?


No, that’s totally false.


He’ll go sit on a b***h couch, but that’s as far he’s gone take it.


Did you know about Erica Pinkett prior to taping of the show? Had you met her before?


No, I had never met her. He told that she was a friend in need. So, who am I to stop somebody?? He’s trying to be a good person and help somebody out. So you know I got to let him do what he got to do…if he want to be Captain Save-A-Hoe.


You seem as though you stay to yourself, with your team. Will we see any interaction with you and the other women on the show this season?


You may. But at the end of the day, I’m a real a** n***a. I like to kick it with my friends. And these hoes…oh wait, I’m really taking it too far. [laughs]


I don’t really have no real relationship with them. Tammy [Rivera] is a cool chick. I speak to her from time to time. I think she about one of the realest. Rasheeda as well. But the rest of them, I don’t know them. So it really ain’t no reason for me to go kick it with them. ‘Cause they messy and I got enough drama going on anyway.


As far as LHHATL, at the end of the day, what is it that you want people to take from it about you?


I just want people to know that I’m a real woman all across the board. I handle my business. I handle my relationships. I do get a little vulnerable as any woman does. I’m very relatable in all areas.


I just want people to know that whatever you see from me is real and I’m always going to give you the real. No matter if it’s me looking silly or looking some kind of way. It is what it is. It’s life and I’m not afraid to be real. People can make judgments or assumptions. But there’s somebody going through the same thing I’m going through.


One more question, will we see wedding bells for you and Scrappy?


I don’t know. Both of us are really trying to get our stuff together, in our careers and everything. And Scrappy has a whole lot of work to do. I push him and I push him and I push him. To me, him becoming more successful is more important than anything. Once he lay that foundation, then you never know what’s next.


As far as your music, are you releasing a new mixtape or music project any time soon?


I released one last year and the year before. But right now, I’m just working in the studio. I don’t really have a project in mind. I’m just working and perfecting everything, getting everything together. I push out a single here and there just to give my fans something.


I’m just focused on giving them the best of whatever I have. So when a project comes out, it is going to be worth the wait for the people who’s really anticipating it.


Outside of the music, are you working on your own reality show?


No, I’m not. But I do have the Lipstick Gang around and we have this charity event, the Pink Out Poverty. We had our first event in March. We are creating more events. We are going to go to New Orleans for Essence Festival and have an event there. Then one in my hometown in Compton (Los Angeles). We are really starting to pop-off the charity and do more events in different cities.  So that’s one thing we are really focusing on right now.


Tell us more about Pink Out Poverty charity.


Well basically it’s an organization we formed that helps young girls who are trying to do better about themselves. If they are in a group home or their parents are in a shelter, we just provide things for them that we would normally take for granted. Like body wash, you know just stuff to make them feel a little bit more confident when they go to school. We teach them how to keep their hair done nice, affordably.  At some of the events, we have people doing their hair and makeup and giving them tutorials on that so they can keep themselves up.


I know how distracting it was when I was in school. I wasn’t together. So, you want to be together so you can feel good and do good.


What other business ventures do you have?


Yes, the Shimmer Life clothing line. We are actually going to be showcasing a few pieces in a fashion show this week in Atlanta. Freddy O is having a fashion show with the lounge and casual wear. And for right now, I have t-shirts. So I’ll have a couple t-shirts at the fashion show this week that’s called Shimmer Life.


How important is it for people to leverage opportunities so that they can create other ventures. We’ve seen people that go on reality TV and they don’t necessarily leverage that opportunity. They don’t capitalize on the moment. What is some advice you would give our readers as a reason why they should definitely capitalize off of a television opportunity?


Well you know some people will only get this one opportunity. And for some people, this will be their only platform to do anything. So I would say any opportunity you get to advance, and any type of business that you have going on, you better do it or you crazy.


A lot of these people don’t have anything. They come on TV and they do TV, then it’s over with.


It has to be something that’s in you. Before TV, I had businesses and kind of doing my thing. It was natural for me. For anybody else, I would definitely suggest that you find a business if you don’t have one. So you’ll have something when this is over.



Follow Bambi on Twitter and Instagram @AdizBambi.  For more information about the Pink Out Poverty project, go to GoFundMe.com/PinkOutPoverty.


Tune in to “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” every Monday night at 8pm EST on VH1.


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