Go-Getter: Brian Danesi, Creative Director for @EffectusClothing, Talks Sneaker Biz, Sneakercon, & Future of Sneaker Tees



Effectus Clothing, located in New York City, is the premiere clothing boutique that specializes in efficiently capturing the essence of art, graffiti on urban street wear. Effectus means efficient in Latin. And as such, Effectus Clothing prides itself on maximizing the appreciation of street wear through handpicked selections and creative marketing tactics. But keeping in mind, their merchandises’ cost value and establishing ways to make their clothing affordable for consumers.


With their graffiti driven art and love for hip hop, Effectus Clothing will always have the latest shirts to match your sneakers such as Jordans, Lebrons, Reeboks and Foamposites. Recently, I had the pleasure to interview their creative director, Brian Danesi, to find out more about his company.


How long have you been in the clothing business for?

Danesi: Few years.


How did you come up with the name Effectus Clothing?

Danesi:  Effectus means Efficient in latin. We are an efficient company.


Are there any other stores that sell your merchandise? If not, would you like to see Effectus Clothing sold at other retailers?

Danesi: Yes, many boutiques around the USA. We would like to get into more boutiques that are underground.




In your opinion, how has the shoe game changed in the last five years?

Danesi: People have created more hype, therefore increasing the prices of shoes and making it harder for true collectors to obtain at a fair price.


I see Effectus Clothing will be one of the many vendors at Sneakercon on July 26, 2014 in New York City. Could you describe the event to readers who never attended or heard of it and what does an event like Sneakercon do for your company?

Danesi:  Sneakercon is the greatest show on earth for sneaker heads. There is so many things to do such as buy, sell, trade and explore all types of sneakers. The event helps us stay relevant in the sneaker head community and obtain new customers to wear our clothing.


What do you think are the current and future trends in sneaker t-shirts?

Danesi: I think there are a lot of brands who are trying to make it, but only the ones with strong designs and finances will survive.


It’s a hot summer day in New York and you at Rucker Park. What Effectus Clothing shirt are you wearing and what favorite pair of sneakers would you have on?

Danesi: Our original Bandit T-shirt and Bred 11s.




Where do you see Effectus Clothing at in the next five years?

Danesi: More employees without a doubt and expanding into more collections such as denims possibly, to name a few.


Is there anything you would like people to know about you?

Danesi: I’m a humble person from New York. Anyone can email or call me for advice.


How can readers purchase from your website and follow Effectus Clothing through social networks?

Danesi: Instagram is our best source. Effectusclothing is the handle and  www.effectusclothing.com is our site. We have twitter @effectusclothes and Facebook, but strongly rely on Instagram as the fashion community loves to see real live photographs.