Hollywood Veteran, Ron Howard, Offers Up Advice to Future Filmmakers


50-year film veteran, Ron Howard, welcomed the opportunity to expose some of his best trade secrets  to the Tribeca Film group. As quirky as this short film is, Howard does a great job at sharing his unconventional advice on how to be a successful filmmaker.

Here are a couple of highlights from the video:


1. Make a “splash” – To make a long career of film-making, Ron says it is always helpful to always be “pitching a concept of yourself“.

2. Develop a formula for success – Listen to yourself. Ron says he has four Ron Howards (in his mind) speaking to him at all times. “And I know I’ve hit upon something good when they are all in course. Harmonics.

3. Practice self-flagellation – “When you’re directing a movie, you’re always dealing with some kind of ordeal or another. I don’t like to feel wild fluctuations in stress. So, when I’m on a break from filming, I try to maintain a steady baseline of discomfort.

4. Aggressively reach the finish line – Ron jokingly says that he always hold a bounty over the heads of anybody that get in his way. “Nobody is going to hold my film hostage.”


Future filmmakers take heed. This is definitely some once in a lifetime advice from a widely respected veteran in the business.

Ron Howard’s blockbuster resume includes “Apollo 13”, “Splash”, “Cocoon”, “Parenthood”, “Ransom”, “A Beautiful Mind”, and many more.


Photo Credit: MovPins.com