3 Main Factors to Consider When Entering the Film Industry



Many people dream of one day becoming a Hollywood star or film producer. But, what they don’t realize is, that it is hard work behind the glitz and flashing lights. In fact, it take some people spend years trying to make it in, only to end up a C or D lister. Also, they spend thousands on film school to only end up directing/producing music videos for their local rap stars.  Nevertheless, to make a legitimate career off in the film industry there’s a few main components to seriously consider: Passion, Goals, and Money.

Just in time for the TV One premiere of Girlfriends’ Getaway, actress and co-producer Terri J. Vaughn shared some insight on the film industry and how artists should navigate through it.  She also spoke on the negative backlash many reality stars face and ways filmmakers can obtain funding for a film project.

Here’s what Terri had to say…


For young women who aspire to be in the film industry, what are 3 three main factors to consider or be prepared for?


First of all, I think it has to be your passion. It’s not about trying to be famous. It’s about this is what you love to do. You love to create products for a reason. And you have to find out what that reason is for. I feel like artist is suppose to serve a purpose, serve people in some kind of way. And you have to define for you, what is your purpose? What is your service in this business? Instead of just trying to show up and get out what you can get out of the business (fame, fortune, and all that). Because then you set yourself up for a big heartbreak. Fame and fortune is very lucid. It doesn’t comes to everybody that gets into this business. And when it does, it doesn’t necessarily stay all the time. So, I feel like that’s really important.


Then, I feel like it’s important to have a good support team behind you. Whether it’s a business partner, like I have Cas, and other people in your circle who support you because this business is so up and down, it can be very heartbreaking at times. You feel like you want to give up at times. It is important to have people around you that encourage you and support you. And not necessarily people that are just “yes and” like everything is saving grace. But, people that are honest with you and support you just because they love you and they want to see you win, but they are not blowing smoke up your butt.


Do you think reality stars are given a stigma when entering into Hollywood?


Yes, definitely I think there is a stigma attached to reality stars. But, most of them don’t care about the stigma because that feeling still creates the same and it still makes them stars. If that was the goal in the first place, then they don’t really care about the stigma. I think the people that would care about the stigma are the ones that want to be taken seriously as actors, producers, or whatever. If that was really your goal in the first place, then I can see that once you get the stigma of being a reality star, then that can cause problems in your journey to be recognized as a serious actor.


There is a difference between being a star and a working actor. I’d rather be a working actor. But that’s just me. That’s what I got into this business for. Because I love acting. But some people love the fame and fortune part of it. Going a reality star way would be the best way to do that.


As far as funding a project, should someone rely on angel investors, friends and family to help seed the project? Or are there any other sources to obtain funding?


I think there are lots of different sources. They got [Kickstarter, Go Fund Me] those kind of things were people are raising money. But really this business is based on relationships. To me, you have to be out there and in it and serious about it and things just kind of unfold. We have several projects that we are waiting to get funding for. We also have had several projects that because of our relationships with the people over at UP TV, Roger Bobb over at Bobb Cat Films – because of those kind of relationships, we are able to get the production company or the network to fund projects that they love of ours. But there are a slew of projects that we have where we are waiting to see where the funding is going to come from. And it will eventually come.



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