PRODUCT REVIEW: Kissable Lips Cosmetics (@kissablelipscosmetics)



On Monday, August 11th, I had the opportunity to conduct my first product review. The product in question was make-up by Kissable Lips Cosmetics. Besides diamonds, make-up is the second best friend to most women. So, I was very excited when I got the call to do the review.

Kissable Lips Cosmetics is the brain child of Michelle.  She’s been in the make-up business for over 13 years and has enhanced the beauty of hundreds of women. For the past three years, Michelle has set-up shop in Jonesboro, GA with her own store. The store is a very cozy place, inviting to most customers with make-up stations on-site. Ladies, if you are in need of a quick facial enhancement for a night on the town (or a red carpet event), then Kissable Lips is the spot to patron.



During the review, Michelle was very familiar with her products. A few of the products used on my face was foundation, eye shadow, lipstick, and eyebrow coloring.  Going into it, I was looking for certain aspects of the make-up to determine its quality. These aspects were pigmentation, texture, and longevity. Being a repeated M.A.C. customer, I’m particular about foundations and eye shadows. My skin complexion is a little pecan tan and orange in hue. It also changes into a deep orange color in the sun. So, it is difficult to find the right color foundation for me when I try other brands like Clairol, Cover Girl, etc.  Luckily, Michelle knew right off what shade of foundation was perfect for my skin tone, which was Walnut/C9.

The Kissable Lips Foundation (Walnut/C9) didn’t feel heavy. That is one thing I notice about other foundations. So, it was a relief – when after wearing the foundation for a few hours – it still felt light on the face, even with the highlight powder on-top.

For my eye brows, Michelle used this unique brush called a Brush-A-Brow. With this product, she was able to create a flawless brow that was Auburn in color. I was happy that my brows weren’t boxed shaped, but looked very natural.

On my eyes, she used Wild Violet Eye Shadow. This was my first time wearing a pink/purple-ish color on my eyes. I tend to use golds and neutrals. So it was pleasing to see a different look on my eyes. The color definitely popped and the pigmentation was as-is. The color stayed the same from the container to application. This was also impressive.

No smokey eye affects were placed on my lids, but that was cool. For the occasion, it was best to keep it simple.

For my lips, Michelle stayed in the violet family and applied the Kissable Lips Curves Ahead Lip Quad. The lips were popping and maintained a moisture, which prevented my lips from feeling dry and cracking.



My overall experience with Kissable Lips Cosmetics was a good one.  I would suggest using their products. And as a added plus, the products are affordable. Michelle informed me that prices range from $14.50 to $30.00. In addition to make-up, the store also sells Vitamin C pills, exfoliant scrubs, waist shapers, jewelry, and more.













You can visit their store at 8596 Georgia 85, Jonesboro, GA 30238 if you are in the Atlanta area. Or you can visit them online at

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