[EXCLUSIVE] @BandoJonez (fka Lil Corey) Talks Hardships Growing Up and Music Career



R&B music looks quite different nowadays. No longer are the clean cut singers with three piece suits and Stacy Adams shoes. Today’s crop of soul singers, especially male vocalists, come from a harsher day and time where their sound and image resembles more of the environment they were raised in.

A prime example of this is Atlanta-based singer/songwriter, Bando Jonez.  Although formally known as Lil Corey, the Oakland City native is not your typical R&B cat. If you didn’t know who he was, at first meeting, you’d think he was a rapper. From the dreads to the Jordans, he looks like an average dude that grew up in the mean streets of Atlanta. But, it’s when he opens his mouth and starts to sing, you suddenly realize that you should never judge a book by its cover.

Bando Jonez is a veteran in this game. It was as early as 5 years old that Bando’s singing talents came to form. As a young kid, his talents were raw and filled with great emotion, which was fueled by his unfortunate surroundings. His parents were heavy drug users, therefore, this left Bando to fend for himself most of his life oftentimes living in abandon houses. But, it was his influence from his grandmother and other musical legends that pushed his desire to become a musician.

Bando Jonez is a self-taught piano player. He humbly addresses the fact that his “ear come from God.”  Also, music veterans such as Stevie Wonder, R. Kelly, Alicia Keys, and John Legend has been very influential to his artistry. It is his piano abilities, raw sound, and image he believes are the things that will separate him from the Chris Brown’s, August Alsina’s, and many of the other male artists that are out now.

When it comes to song content, Bando Jonez pulls from his own experiences and, sometimes, those of his friends. From there, he writes about real stories that many of his fans can relate to, especially if they’ve been through heart ache and hard times.

“Of course, I speak about times when it was bad. Times when I didn’t know what will happen. I share those things so people can know God was there all those times.”

In 2014, Bando Jonez resurfaced with a new situation and new music. He is currently signed to Polow da Don’s Zone 4 label and EPIC Records. He released a fiery single “Sex You” that immediately blew up the airways, peaking at #31 on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. Bando also dropped another joint called “There She Goes,” which featured Jeezy. He’s clearly working on creating a distinctive lane for himself, which could propel him to the forefront of the R&B genre.

It is evident that he’s ready for a big comeback. In a recent interview with STACKS Magazine, Bando says his goals are to get 10 Grammy’s and make $500 million. Nothing can stop a man with big dreams. And with mentorship from Polow da Don and the backing of L.A. Reid, achieving these goals shouldn’t be that hard at all.


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