NYC Fashion Designer, Elizabeth McKay Jenkins, Brings Fall Collection to Phipps Plaza [PHOTOS]

Creative Director and Founder, Elizabeth McKay Jenkins

Creative Director and Founder, Elizabeth McKay Jenkins

Elizabeth McKay Jenkins is the Founder and Creative Director of Elizabeth McKay, “a youthful, luxury label defined by classic American sportswear with a modern sensibility.”  Recently, the New York-based fashion line visited Atlanta’s Phipps Plaza to showcase their fall collection. The trunk show, held at the Jack Rogers store, introduced Elizabeth McKay’s classic, printed apparel in various styles and prominent fall colors.

For eights years, Elizabeth McKay has stretched the limits of women’s American sportswear. From its signature ruffled necklines to unique print patterns, Elizabeth McKay garments are designed precisely and with class. Its use of fine fabrics are also reasons why the brand has become synonymous with bigger brands such as Tory Burch, Lilly Pulitzer, Burberry and others. To the urban fashion world, Elizabeth McKay would be considered an outcast. However, after assessing the garments first hand, consumers will realize that the brand is not color struck or socially awkward. Instead, the clothing line is one that is selected to be worn by a certain type of woman. A woman who is not trendy. A woman who prefers timeless looks that can be dressed up or dressed down, day to play, and for years to come.



Elizabeth McKay’s trunk show featured pieces that are considered “buy now, wear now.” The fall collection has been on shelves and online since July. The good thing is that the company is able to maintain their strong hold on the Southern customer base, which is their largest revenue builder.

“We start delivering the fall collection in July and August. So, in those times, what I really like to do is BUY NOW, WEAR NOW. So, July, August, September – especially down in the South where it is strongest for us – it’s our strongest territory, they can wear it transitional. They can still wear their Jack Rogers with it. It still has its darker tones, pure white, and its got fun, more darker fall colors so they can wear it,” stated Elizabeth McKay Jenkins.

Select colors for fall are navy, purples, chocolates, and pink. Jenkins suggest that if you want to switch up your standard black, then try navy. She says that navy is still dark-yet-flattering and it is not as harsh as the color black.


According to Jenkins, a “classic” piece can be worn no matter what decade we’re in, which is why Elizabeth McKay is a brand that spans a broad demographic.

“It targets to the woman on the go. She’s probably in her 30s, then it dips a little bit into the 20s. But, definitely it goes into her 30s and 40s. It dips a little bit into the 50s and 60s. I try and design things for all age ranges. Those are definitely aspirational. So, for the young girls seeing their moms wearing it and for the older women that want to look younger. Everything is extremely classic.”

As the brand continues to grow, Jenkins revealed that they do plan to work on a children’s line. But first, Elizabeth McKay will transition to different types of accessories (i.e. tote bags, leather bags, etc.). They currently offer outerwear and cashmere pieces. Per their website at, their price points range from $100 to $400. To see the clothes up close, they have a store in Watch Hill, Rhode Island and in New York City, which is opening on Friday, November 14th. Online purchases are also available, as well as in over 200 specialty stores throughout the U.S..




Elizabeth McKay Jenkins and Ms. Bels, publisher


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