#OnTheBlock: PHENDI, B-More’s Newest Hardcore Female MC


If you’re a fan of female rappers, then you know they don’t always get the shine they deserve. In a male dominated industry, you have to carry a certain toughness and be quick to put a dude in his place in order to be respected. With that said, there’s only been a few “hardcore” female emcees that has broken through the masculinity and propelled to stardom. We’ve seen Lil Kim, Eve, Trina, Remy Ma, Mia X, Gangsta Boo, and most recently Nicki Minaj (who’s arguably more “pop” than “hardcore”). But, where are the newest breed of “hard” female rappers?

Well, the man who was instrumental in Nicki’s early career, Big Fendi, has a young lady who is ready to join the ranks. Her name is Phendi.

According to her bio…

The incomparable “Phendi” from the west side of Baltimore grew up writing rhymes, story telling her life reminiscing on childhood years; in a home with drug influenced activity by her father. The circumstances left her mother to raise two boys and the capital “Phendi”. Inspired by Lil Kim and Eve, “Phendi” manages to use the pen for wordplay. Metaphors from the albums titled Hard Core and Let There Be Eve channeled the energy towards “Phendi” first-class lyricism. This long term craft takes flight, taking off into a full-time passion. Linking with Big Fendi of Dirty Money through YouTube, staged the second to none approach. Reincarnating Hip-Hop, adding the flavor back to the recipe… But wait! What is missing? The Best Female Rapper “Phendi!” Management under Chris Lighty, has taught Phendi the do’s and don’ts of the Music Industry. Now that the ground has been set, the difference between former Dirty Money’s “Nicki Minaj” and new champion “Phendi”? Description, loyalty! Quotes: “I Respect every female rapper before me. Of Course, they opened doors. Big shout out to Foxy Brown, Remy Ma, Eve & Lil Kim. The old Nicki I respect but I’m not a fan!” Some male artists that inspire “Phendi” are JadaKiss, Andre 3000, and the old Wayne. Label Whore in stores now! DJ “Big-L”, a major innovative sound far from the usual B-More club tempo, singles like Break Away, which branches out and crosses “Phendi” over your airways and digital streams. Other inspirations include Natasha Bedingfield. Veteran Chris Lighty and Big Fendi have both worked with several female artist, for example Foxy Brown. Open up to “Phendi’s” dream, Lighty’s plan, and Big Fendi’s leadership together we will follow Dirty Money’s legacy. “Phendi” the best female emcee alive! Sex appeal! High end fashion, Label Whore is here BING! –Muah


Take a listen to her latest track “Tell Me” Remix:


OK, we diggin’ it!

In case you want to hear more from Phendi, check out her mixtape Label Whore now on Datpiff.com! Follow Phendi on Twitter/Instagram @TheRealPhendi !