VIDEO: T.I. Talks Rapper Etiquette

The business of entertainment can be tricky for newbies who enter fresh off the block. Having proper etiquette in capacities such as your image, talk, and opinions, are all subject to criticism if not taught what to do. Well, T.I. recently sat down with MTV for a short three-minute “Do’s and Don’ts” segment about entertainment etiquette.

On the video, T.I. discusses what an entertainer should not post on social media and what to do in an interview if asked a question about a topic you know nothing about. But, he also tapped on “beef” etiquette, which we thought was dead-on.

“Half the time when you enter a beef, you stand the chance of disturbing business. And then what’s going to suck even more, you get into an altercation  and you lose the altercation publicly. That’s bad. And then, if somebody happen to get your chain. OMG! Your career is over.”

The “Family Hustle” star goes on to give advice to rappers when presented with a meeting with the label, how to deal with fans, and so on.

Watch T.I.’s funny take on Entertainer’s Etiquette 101 above.