[EXCLUSIVE] Don P. & Trilltown: Ready for the Takeover

In the early 2000s, a new movement exploded in the South known as “crunk” music. One group that helped catapult the movement nationwide was Trillville. Don P., Lil A, and Dirty Mouth’s breakout project, The King of Crunk & BME Recordings Present: Trillville, produced classic hits like “Neva Eva” and “Some Cut.” The album went on to sell over 500,000 copies and peak in the Top 20 Billboard Hot 100 charts. The group, like many others, experienced a few setbacks along the way and finally released their last group project, 3 Da’ Hard Way, in 2011.

Fast forward to 2014, Don P. and Dirty Mouth has emerged again. This time with a brand new squad who go by the name Trilltown. Joining the two crunk pioneers this time are Legacy, Million Dolla Trilltown, Mr. Fletch, King J Boy, Young Trill Beats, Cool G, and Big Tone. Recently, STACKS Magazine got the opportunity to catch up with Trilltown at a celebrity charity basketball game to find out more about their movement.


Trilltown (from L to R): Cool G, Mr. Fletch, Young Trill Beats, King J Boy, Legacy, Don P, Big Tone, Ms. Bels (StacksMag), Million Dollar Trilltown, and Dirty Mouth

Today, the music business is an independent-driven business. As an indie label, Trilltown is geared up to rock it out on their own. They’ve learned from their past and is ready to take on any challenge that come their way. But, after speaking with Trilltown, it’s all about having fun and showcasing their individual talents nowadays.  Their free-spirited outlook on the rap game is created quite a buzz in the streets. Trilltown’s latest single “100,” which is featured on their Best of Trilltown mixtape, is on track to solidify itself as a club/DJ favorite.

So, what can we expect next??

Well, their Trilltown Buzzin project is on its way, as well as, individual solo projects. Trilltown Apparel, an extension of their brand, is currently poppin’ in these streets as well. To stay connected, follow Trilltown on social media @TrilltownBuzzin !!