Sis, Here’s Why Your IG Boutique Failed…


It’s funny I’m writing a post about the Instagram (IG) boutique business. For one, I don’t own an IG boutique. Secondly, I can honestly say that I’ve never purchased anything from an IG boutique. It’s not like some of the pieces I see on my timeline aren’t cute (or reasonably priced). My fear of being ripped off by some stranger behind an IG profile, is the biggest reason I have yet to.

‘Cause Lord knows that doesn’t need to happen me. All h*ll would break loose!

What I am here to discuss is why a lot of IG boutiques fail to succeed. If I were to count the number of boutiques on IG, I’m sure my number would be somewhere in the thousands. Everyone has a boutique. The unfortunate part about it, is that most of them sell the EXACT same products. Many of which are purchased from AliExpress or similar foreign wholesale distributors. Purchasing product in bulk, however, is not the issue though. Every entrepreneur want to save money and operate their business cost efficiently. That’s a no-brainer.

The problem is that many of them fail! Today they’re here, the next day they’re gone. Nevertheless, there was a reason why the business didn’t do too good.

If this has happened to you, it’s time to figure out why your boutique failed miserably. Let’s look into why your million dollar IG boutique dream didn’t pan out the way that you expected it to.

Lack Of Pure Business SkillsGirlfriend, you barely graduated from high school, but you claim that you are a businesswoman. Running a business takes more than just a hustle mentality. It takes a whole lot of education as well. This doesn’t mean you need a four year degree to start a business. I’m just saying that there’s more critical pieces to owning a business (of any kind) that, if not educated on, can quickly kill your ability to succeed.

Biting Off The Next ManNobody has a mind of their own nowadays. IG is full of reconceptualized, reconstructed, revamped, and reiterated ideas that we’ve seen a million times over. Your clothing and accessories are no different. People can hit up a hundred different profiles and see the same sh*t. At times, there’s a difference in price or color. But, that’s about it. Your best bet is to try to stand out and sell unique merchandise that ONLY YOU sell!

Selling Piss Poor MerchandiseQuality over quantity. We’ve all heard this before. Well, it’s true. Stop selling cheap merchandise and you’ll stop receiving hate mail. When more customers complain about your products, you lose money and your business reputation becomes a disaster. 

You Became “Freda The Fraud”Chile…there’s so many shady dealers out in cyber space and on the streets, it’s a shame. Don’t allow yourself to become a fraudster. Be legit in your business practices. If you think scheming will grant you those millions you dream about, it may. But, it will not last long. Bad things always comes back to haunt you. So, live your life conscious-free and do right by your customers. Or else you will find yourself fashionably DELAYED in prison.

Customer Service Didn’t ExistIt doesn’t matter if you own a store front or online boutique, good customer service will take you a long way. You can’t cyber bully your customers and followers then expect them to buy something from you. It doesn’t work that way. Even if one has a complaint and states it online for other customers to see, respond politely. Even if you get cursed out in the comments, keep your cool. Yes, you have to just suck it up and deal sometimes.  That’s the nature of being in business. Your goal is to retain customers and keep money flowing in. 

There’s a few more aspects that may have caused the demise of your IG boutique. But, the five listed above should be an eye opener. The object of the online boutique game is create credibility and separation. Legitimize your business doings through great customer service and operational savvy. Distinguish your merchandise by offering something different and unique to your brand. With these components, if you decide to start over, you’ll easily become a winner!