Tyler Perry’s ‘Love Thy Neighbor’ & ‘Have and the Have Nots’ Press Reception [PHOTOS]

L to R: Patrice Lovely, Kendra C. Johnson, Palmer Williams Jr, and Tyler Lepley

L to R: Patrice Lovely, Kendra C. Johnson, Palmer Williams Jr, and Tyler Lepley

Last Thursday (Jan. 8), the OWN Network held a private press reception for Tyler Perry’s “Love Thy Neighbor” and “The Haves and the Have Nots.”  STACKS Magazine, along with various other media outlets, were given an opportunity to chat with members of the cast about their shows, production experience, and personal lives. Cast members that were present were Tyler Lepley (Have and the Have Nots), Kendra C. Johnson (Love Thy Neighbor), Palmer Williams Jr (Love Thy Neighbor), and Patrice Lovely (Love Thy Neighbor).

“The Have and the Have Nots” is the drama series that has everyone talking. The highest-rated series follows the complex relationships of the Cryer and Harrington families. The twisted love affairs and friendships between the rich and famous and underprivileged, has made it one of Tyler Perry’s most popular shows. “The Haves and the Have Nots” airs Tuesday nights at 9:00PM ET on OWN.

“Love Thy Neighbor” is a comedy series centered around the The Love Train Diner, a mom-and-pops restaurant. The half-hour series returned on Wednesday of last week (Jan. 6) with new set of family issues and loads of comedy. It airs Wednesday’s at 9:00PM ET on OWN.

During the Q&A, we got a chance to hear some additional insider scoop on the new seasons from the cast. It was interesting to hear about how much they appreciated Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey. On set, Perry is big on ad libbing. Therefore, it allows them to use their gift of acting without any restraints.

In our video coverage below, the cast discussed their lives outside of acting as well.





Here are a few photos from the event:



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