[EXCLUSIVE] Drumma Boy Talks Business, Branding & Creating An Empire

Drumma Boy (also known as D. Boy Fresh) has come a long way since STACKS Magazine’s first interview with the music producer – composer extraordinaire. He’s went on to produce numerous hits with many of hip hop’s top artists: Waka Flocka Flame (“No Hands”), Jeezy (“Loose My Mind” & “Me OK”), August Alsina feat. Nicki Minaj (“No Love”), and a long list of other artists. Drumma Boy launched “Welcome To My City,” album series which highlights musical works from D. Boy Fresh, Drum Squad affiliated artists and chosen feature artists. But, the music isn’t the only thing that has propelled his brand.

As one of the industry’s most well-known and respected hip-hop super producer’s, he has taken the Drumma Boy/Drum Squad brand and expanded it into an array of businesses. These brands include sparkling wine, Moreno BHLV, Fresh Phamily clothing line, and an online interactive cable channel, DBTV (Channel 111 on Ovnio TV). In comparison to the career span of his peers, there are only a handful that’s been able to use their production skills as a catalyst to other revenue-generating ventures. Drumma Boy, on the other hand, has been able to do that. Thanks to great business advice taught by his family at an early age, Drumma Boy’s ability to go beyond the stereotypical life of a producer is extremely commendable. For young up-and-coming beat makers, there’s a lot than be learned from this man.



We caught up with Drumma Boy at a photo shoot and learned that he has his foot in a lot of things these days. But, somehow he’s able to balance it all. In our discussion, he gives great advice on why it’s important for brand expansion, his goal of creating an empire like Diddy, and what he has planned for his hometown, Memphis.

On balance of the workload and ventures….

The passion. It’s all about the passion. So many people didn’t know about my passion for fashion. A lot of people didn’t realize my last name is Fresh. That’s one thing that I’ve been doing for about 10 years. Coming up with the Enyce brand, the Pelle Pelle brand…shout out to Tony Sherman, Kevin Delaney for bringing me through the learning process of LRG and Drama over at Young & Reckless. Now, I’m hands on with Demetrius Tatum, previously of the Jordan Jump Man brand. Now, we’re working heavily with the Publik Trust brand, which I am Ambassador of. And my line, Fresh Phamily. It’s been a wonderful occasion man and it’s been a learning curve for me. A lot of people have seen me getting free clothes from so many different designers and now we’re a little bit more hands on and doing business with these designers.

Definitely check out these brands Fresh Phamily, Publik Trust, Michael Cherry…all Black owned.

On the importance of branching out into other business ventures…

It’s extremely important to me because I have other ventures I want to do. I have other businesses and I also just started a label. I’m putting out artists using my own budget to create these buzzes. So, it’s very important to me that I have multiple revenue streams. This allows me to do all of the things necessary that I need to do, as well as, take some other risks by investing in some other places. You know, bringing those brands up from the ground up. These are things I all own. I’m own creative control of. Just taking it to another level. It’s all about multiple revenue streams for me right now.

On the future of Drumma Boy…

You’re looking at me like Puffy just started Bad Boy. You’re looking at me like Russell  just started Def Jam. You looking at me from the ground up. When Puff first started Bad Boy, he had BIG. When Russell first started Def Jam, he had LL [Cool J]. Right now, I got an artist out of Chicago name Kid. I got another artist out of Chicago name J Script, R&B phenomenon. I got an artist out of Atlanta by the name of Tony, 16 years old and he play the guitar and he’s an incredible artist. It all is inspired by the music. The music is the bread and butter. I’ll never stop producing.

Fresh Phamily…now I can clothed my own artists. Now I can have drinks at all of the tables of our own venues. Everything that we do we have our own engineers. We have our own mastering company, our own publishing company. Everything that I need done, I can do in-house. That’s the system that I wanted to build for myself over the past ten years.

On his hometown, Memphis…

Memphis is all about Drum Squad Foundation. I’m doing a lot of things with my city, with my community. I got the key to the city and I’m constantly giving back. doing great things with the Drum Squad Foundation event. You can see that footage on www.drumsquadfoundation.org. Learn more about my foundation and what I’m doing. We’re also coming to a city near you. Giving back to the kids and the youth. Teaching them music business, music theory, and music appreciation. Those are three top things in music that we need if you want to be a rapper, a songwriter, a producer. Those are the key ingredients to be successful in our field, as well as, music business. It’s 90 percent business.


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