Knight Life Clothing was created with a desire for more. More variety in how students represent their school as well as other things they believe in. The students of University of Central Florida aren’t satisfied by what they can buy at the bookstore or chain stores. Their vision is to create an university-based streetwear brand. Something students can be proud to put on everyday.


Tell readers about Knight Life Clothing and when it was established?

Knight Life Clothing is a lifestyle clothing brand for Knights by Knights. We weren’t satisfied with what the bookstore had to offer so we decided to take it into our own hands and represent the school we love. Established in 2012.

Tell us about the “Damn It Feels Good To Be A Knight” shirt and the ideal behind the shirt?

It’s simple, to the point, and accurately represents our mindset every week. It really does feel good to be a Knight whether it’s the campus, the sports, or the community; we love it.

When you wear that shirt in public, what’s usually people’s reaction?

When we first started wearing it we would always get asked where we got it or have people compliment us on the shirt. A couple years later and now we are the ones seeing the shirt around campus and mainly on game days, where we are the ones saying “nice shirt.”

Joust Do It Tee

What can we expect from Knight Life Clothing in 2015?

I’m not too sure honestly. We’ve been tossing around a couple ideas for a while now. I’m hoping to take one of our ideas and run with it next Fall!

With UCF being the second-largest school in America (population wise) with over 58,000 students, why do you think some people are not familiar with us?

I think people are starting to learn about UCF and what we are more and more every day. I believe UCF wasn’t a “sexy” school until about 2 years ago when all these new aspects started to develop. Sports, campus, and school offerings started to grow and gain national exposure.


Where would you like to see Knight Life Clothing at in the next five years?

Eventually we’d like to work with the school on getting licensing and potentially offered in on-campus bookstores or even at sporting events. That’s not an easy task, but we’re willing to take the hard road and accomplish our goals.

How can readers keep in contact with you through social networks?

We are most active on Instagram, but we can be found on Twitter and Facebook as well @KnightLifeClothing for Instagram, @KnightLifeCo for Twitter, and