Rumor has it…Jay Z and Roc Nation has purchased Tupac Shakur album catalog for $384 million.

The news broke on The Breakfast Club morning show, although no other major news outlet has confirmed the rumor. According to TBC, this purchase is one of the most monumental transactions in hip hop history. The move will give Jay Z and Roc Nation the rights to release all of the music that was created and released by the late Tupac Shakur. Also, they will have exclusive rights to any of Tupac’s songs or lyrics featured on any one else’s projects.

“This is a phenomenal event for Roc Nation. We’ve purchased one of Hip-Hop’s greatest icon’s music which would make us one of the largest record labels in the world. We will forever be relevant in the music industry now that we own Tupac’s music,” according to Joseph Borrino.’