One thing about Dame Dash…he is definitely a talker. Not one to mince his words for the sake of pleasing others, Dame is a true Harlem dude that spit game quick and factual (well, this is debatable depending on who you ask). The co-founder of Roc-A-Fella Records continues to make headlines, although his former pal Jay Z has outshined him financially and iconically.

Lately, Dame has been on a mission. His disdain for culture vultures, former attorney’s, accountants, and anyone of the like, was made known via his favorite social media platform. Dame’s Instagram has not only been the outlet to show-off his personal family photos or behind-the-scenes work of any one of his various business ventures, but also a place where he can vent. And as such, he recently continued his venting session on Sway’s radio show. Dame discussed his $2 million issue with director Lee Daniels, Hollywood politics, the music business, and Jay Z’s alleged dealings with FBI informants.

Dame clearly has an unorthodox way of thinking. This is good and bad at the same time. Especially being a businessman – a true hustler in every sense of the word – some may say Dame digs his own grave. However, it is unyielding passion for entrepreneurship that makes him someone worth listening to. Like in the Sway interview, he mentions how him and Kanye cut out the middleman for their new movie project Loisadas. Also, he drops a gem to Sway suggesting that he owns his own radio station (after being in the game for so long).

Whether you like him or not, Dame does make valid points. If you’re going to be in business, spend your own money. Invest in your own projects. A real man (or woman) does not wait for another man for handouts. You make a way on your own in order to help secure the future of your children and family.

Dame Dash may not be perfect, but he’s surely not dumb.